【吉姆大师傅 Jim’s Recipe】FREE 100 BOXES OF CAKES!! (Grand Opening Promotion)

By Sim May Yee on Oct 12, 2017

“HA?! FREE 100 BOXES OF CAKES?! Really bor?!” ⊙▂⊙

“Of course la my fellow Kuchinglangs…” ( ̄▼ ̄)


I’m sure many of you are familiar with the famous Yellow Cake or “Egg Cake” by 【吉姆大师傅 Jim’s Recipe】 in iCom Square, and have patiently queued on some days to buy their fresh and delicious, golden-yellow hue buttery cake.



Cutting (2)


Ori (2)


Chocolate (1)

Chocolate (7)


Well, good news as this weekend (14th & 15th October), 【吉姆大师傅 Jim’s Recipe】 is launching a Grand Opening promotion for their two new outlets (the 43rd & 44th stores), which is located in Stutong and another one in Batu Kawa. YAYYY! So for those of you who are living in that areas, LUCKY LA YOU! (*・∀・*)人(*・∀・*)


Stutong 2


On 14th October, they are giving out 【FREE 100 boxes of Original Traditional Yellow Cakes for the FIRST 100 customers only.】 YES that’s right! FREE! And in case you missed out the first one, on 15th October, you can get their 【Original Traditional Yellow Cake & Cheese Yellow Cake for RM25 ONLY!】 Do note that the promotion at both outlets, Stutong and Batu Kawa, is only limited to 1 set per person. Additionally, the Stutong outlet will be opened at 9.30am whereas the Batu Kawa outlet will be opened at 9am.



Batu Kawa


So faster mark your calendars liao and head to their new outlets this weekend to get this special deal la! ◕3◕




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