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【Authentic Korean Cuisine】Seoul Garden @ 3rd Mile Kuching

By Admin on Nov 17, 2016

【Authentic Korean Cuisine】Seoul Garden @ 3rd Mile Kuching


Do you know where should you go to have the most authentic Korean food in Kuching? Well, there’s this restaurant that’ve been around for 16 years, and the owner is from Korea. The owners brought the most authentic Korean foods for Kuchingites to try, even the tablewares and the chilli paste are imported from Korea. Have you guessed which one we are going to introduce you today?


Yep, that’s right! The one and only Seoul Garden. By one and only, we really mean it, because despite having similar names, this Seoul Garden is a completely different restaurant to the in Vivacity and there is no relation at all between the 2 restaurants.



When it comes to Korean Food, food names such as Kimchi, Bibimbab, Jajangmyeon, Tteokbokki and more will surely float around your head. If you have big appetite, then you must try each and every one of them! XD


We ordered 4 of the hot items in the menu, and let us introduce the 4 of those to you one by one.


1. Dolsot Bibimbab



Bibimbab is best enjoyed in a steaming hot stone pot because the surface of the rice that touches the hot pot will form a crispy crust. It would be a waste to not eat this precious crust along with your bibimbab. Just be careful not to hurt yourself as the pot will still be very hot even after you’ve finished eating!


2. Jajangmyeon



Every time you watch Korean drama, won’t your mouth be instantly filled with saliva when they are eating Jajangmyeon? The noodles mixed with a thick black sauce looks just so appetizing isn’t it? Tell you what? You can taste the same Jajangmyeon here at Seoul Garden too! The best way to enjoy this dish is to take a big mouthful of the noodles… mmm...hmmm! Satisfaction, GUARANTEED!


3. Kimchi Jjigae



Another dish that will appear at every Korean restaurant is this, the Kimchi Jjigae. Kimchi Jjigae is a soup made from Kimchi hence the soup will be slightly spicy, but it’ll be just fine if you’re also a fan of Kimchi just like us. 5 side dishes and a bowl of rice comes along with the Kimchi Jjigae. You can choose to take the rice and soup separately, or you can just pour your bowl of rice into the hot bowl of soup and fulfil your cravings for spicy food!


4. Set A/B/C



If you have bigger appetite, or you would like to try more types of sides, try order the Set. Each set comes with rice, Kimbap, fish, seaweed soup, fruit, coleslaw, egg salad, kimchi, and a plate of meat that varies according to the Set ordered.


We ordered the Set A that comes with a Spicy Pan Fried Pork Meat that goes really well with the rice, one bowl of rice is hardly enough, seriously.


Other than the foods, you can also enjoy Korean drinks here!


Sikhe (Made of Malt and Rice)





Nokcha (Green Tea)


Bong Bong



If you want to evaluate the food of a Korean restaurant, the best point to start is of course the Kimchi. If the Kimchi is good, the rest of the food will definitely be good as well. That is if the kimchi are also handmade. Therefore, of course Seoul Garden makes their own Kimchi. This guarantees that the best Kimchi is served to the customers of Seoul Garden.



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