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【Ayam Penyet Heaven】Food Plaza - Ayam Penyet

By Admin on Dec 2, 2016

【Ayam Penyet Heaven】Food Plaza - Ayam Penyet


As Malaysians. Ayam Penyet is definitely one food that we’ve tried and loved. But how many different types of Ayam Penyet dishes have you tried before? What Teaspoon will introduce you today is a stall that sells 8 different types of Ayam Penyet dishes.. 8!!


This stall can be found at the newly renovated Food Plaza food court of the Plaza Merdeka. But they will also open another branch of the stall at the One Junction Cafe this 7th of December that we introduced previously. Speaking of One Junction, they have yet another new stall called the Traditional Kampung Chicken Rice and is having an Opening Promotion!!!


The origins of Ayam Penyet dishes is Indonesia, and the cooks travelled to Indonesia to learn how to prepare authentic Ayam Penyet dishes and, the sambal~~~ However, the cooks made improvements and modification to the dishes so that it can suit the local taste more, and is constantly creating new dishes, and that’s how you can now enjoy all the different 8 penyet dishes here.


Here are the 8 different Ayam Penyet dishes that you can find at their stall


First is the original Penyet Ayam


Then there’s also the local’s favourite freshwater fish Ikan Keli that is turned into the Penyet Keli


Other than the Ikan Keli, they also have Penyet Tenggiri and the Penyet Kembong.



If you’re looking for a crunchy penyet dishes, try out their Penyet Udang and Penyet Sotong that has crispy skin and chewy prawn and squid fillings.



They also have the boneless chicken made into penyet dishes! The Penyet Boneless Chicken.



And finally is a penyet dish that you’ve absolutely never tried before, duck meat prepared into Penyet Bebek.



Other than the 8 different types of ayam penyet dishes, they also have 4 different types of sambal for you to choose from. They spent a lot of efforts to create these 4 types of sambal and each with fresh ingredients and cooked over a long time using small heat to preserve the original taste of each ingredients added.


After tasting the 4 different sambals, we categorized the sambal into 3 levels of spiciness. The least spicy is the Sambal Thai that is slightly spicy, but is actually more sourly and goes really well with your meal as the acidity is a very appetizing. Followed by the original Sambal Penyet which is acceptable for most people. The second most spicy is the Sambal Tomato, and the most spicy is of course the Sambal Pedas.




Sambal Tomato is cooked with fresh tomato, but the spiciness is quite strong that it hits your taste buds as soon as you take them. The Sambal Pedas however slowly attacks your taste buds and grows more spicy gradually.


Other than providing 8 different Penyet dishes and 4 different sambals, they also prepare 3 different green vegetables for you to go along with your dish. The usual dishes will usually comes along with the Daun Raja, but they also have Kangkong and Bayam for you to choose from.



If you’re also a fan of Ayam Penyet, come over to Plaza Merdeka’s Food Plaza now! Or you can wait until the 7th December to visit their new stall at One Junction Cafe Jalan Song.



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