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【Kuching Delicious】West Malaysia Yong Tau Hu

By Admin on Dec 22, 2016

Yong Tau Hu! Yong Tau Hu! The Yong Tau Hu sold at food courts are just too plain and expensive to eat. Where can you find delicious Yong Tau Hu in Kuching? Why not head over to Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza to locate this stall that sells authentic West Malaysia Yong Tau Hu~~




The owner is from West Malaysia and has been cooking Yong Tau Hu for the past 7 to 8 years before moving to Kuching. The owner is also very passionate in preparing the best dishes for his customers~ 


For your information, almost all of the Yong Tau Hu is handmade! The owner ensured that the stuffing is very full and that the items here are reasonably priced! Where else in Kuching can you find places like this?




The soup base is also very delicious! The soup is cooked using anchovies for at least 3 hours before it is served~~ If you’re a fan of spicy sambal, then you’ll love the one here! You can dip the Yong Tau Hu into the sambal, or you can just pour all the sambal into the bowl! Either way is fine and either way can produce a satisfying dinner! 


Other than Vermicelli, You can also have your Yong Tau Hu with Rice or Kueh Tiaw~


Even though this stall is still very new in Kuching, this stall is definitely worth recommending! So, if you ask me where can you find the best Yong Tau Hu in Kuching, this is definitely my answer…


The stalls open from 4.30pm until 10pm or earlier if it sold out.



These are all handmade and homemade~~ 


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