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【Kota Samarahan Food Hunt】Samarahan Expressway Kolo Mee

By Admin on Dec 23, 2016

If you thought that there are no delicious foods at Kota Samarahan, you thought wrong. Today we will bring you a hidden gem at Kota Samarahan, or to be more precise, the Kolo Mee at Kota Samarahan Expressway.



How many of you noticed this small wooden house on the roadside of the Samarahan-Kuching Expressway? And how many of you know that you can find delicious Kolo Mee here? Just take note of this blue sign indicating an air-conditioning service, the place is just right by this signboard. 



The taste of the Kolo Mee here is different from what you would find elsewhere. The Kolo Mee here is not overly sweet and has an extra layer of fragrance. It is rather difficult to put into words, but I assure you, one bite and you will immediately notice the difference.



Other than the Kolo Mee, the Manicai Fried Beehoon is also recommended. At the end of the meal, you will have a lot of Manicai stuck in between your tooth, and be very satisfied with the taste of this delicious dish of fried beehoon. 



They also have one special drink, the Lemon Tea. And… it’s not the kind of Lemon Tea you have in mind right now. This is actually more to a Lemon Juice added with a little bit of Tea added. You might think that it will taste like a lot like Ice Lemon Tea “Pok”, which is basically tasteless, but you’re wrong again.



This cup of drink is very refreshing and delicious, being sour and salty at the same time and has a hint of tea. It is the perfect drink to cool off the heat…


Operating Hours: 5am to 1pm

Location: Kota Samarahan Expressway, on the opposite side from the new Petronas



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