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【Kuching Fine Dining】B Greenhouse

By Admin on Dec 23, 2016

【Kuching Fine Dining】B Greenhouse


B Greenhouse is the perfect spot for a nice dinner, as well as to propose or to confess. B Greenhouse has already witnessed countless successful proposals here and is also the perfect spot for Birthday parties or any kind of gatherings! But, let’s talk more about the foods~~


This fine dining restaurant is famous for its ambient and comfortable environment and also for it’s delicious foods. Although the price is rather expensive, but 9 out of 10 that visited this place is very satisfied with the foods. This is because the ingredients used to cook are mostly imported and is fresh from the market, as well as experienced chefs to use the ingredients to it’s fullest potential…


Australian Grain Fed Sirloin Steak


If we’re talking about fine dining, first thing is definitely the steak. The surface of the steak is seared, and prepared to a perfect medium. The steak is not marinated because the chef said it will spoil the meat. The steak is cut into consistent pieces of 200 gram in order to make the perfect steak when cooked.


Thigh Me Up Fragrant Chicken


The specialty of this dish is the raisin sauce that is made with fresh raisin, teriyaki sauce, as well as several other components. The sauce adds an extra layer of saltiness and sweetness to the grilled chicken thigh. The chicken thigh itself is marinated overnight to ensure all the flavours locks firmly in the meat.


B’s Smoke Duck Pizza


You can also find Pizza here at B Greenhouse. What we were served the other day is a Smoke Duck Pizza that is made with Mozzarella, Parmesan Cheese, homemade sauce, and topped with absolutely phenomenal slices of smoked duck…




If you’re looking for a rice dish at this fancy fine dining restaurant, you should try out their Risotto. It is rather difficult to find a good plate of Risotto in Kuching but here. The chefs made a twist with this risotto by using the local Bario rice to prepare this delicate dish. One bite and you can feel your mouth engulfed with the heavy creamy and milky flavour of the risotto.


B’s Salted Egg Burger


You’ve most probably tried the Chinese Salted Egg Prawn or Chicken, but here at B Greenhouse, you should really try their Salted Egg Burger. The burger is made of a huge piece of chicken thigh that is coated with tempura batter. Along with the dish is the homemade egg yolk sauce which is also the star of this dish.


If you are planning for some surprise, or if you’re looking for a place to organize an event, do not hesitate to give B Greenhouse a call~


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