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4 Sets Korean Main Course for RM60??

By Admin on Feb 13, 2017

【Kuching K-Food?】Haeun Dae Korean Restaurant


Located at this rather hidden location, Jalan Keranji is a Korean Restaurant offering affordable and delicious Korean cuisine~


When you stepped down from your car, you will be able to feel the amount of effort put into renovating the restaurant. The restaurant is furnished with wooden beams and furnitures, and decorated with Korean embellishments to let you feel as if you’re there, in Korea. The food follows the traditional cooking styles of the Royal Palace. The head chef himself have many years experience in the culinary field.


With all these efforts in the renovation and the food, you would think that the foods must be expensive am I right? Well, you’re wrong because the foods here are actually quite reasonably priced for such high quality Korean Food.


Now, let’s get on to their foods!


The first is of course the Dol Sot Pi Pim Pab which literally translate to stone pot mixed rice. This dish is topped with colourful toppings of different vegetables and a perfectly cooked egg yolk. As you mix the rice when the pot is still hot, the aroma produced will definitely make you drool~~




Next, there’s the Ttukbaegi Bulgogi Jung Sik which is also one of the signature dish of the restaurant. The soup is rich with the flavours from the fresh beef and at the same time being very light and sweet. The hot soup and a bowl of rice is all you need to satisfy your cravings!



If you’re not able to take beef, why not try their Ttukabaegi Dak Bulgogi Jung? Other than some vegetables, this chicken soup is also cooked with Dates to further enhance the sweetness of the soup. Making it yet another satisfying bowl of soup to go along your rice.



Looking for something crispy? Try out their Kalehi Gui. This deep fried fish dish have a lot of fishbone, so you might need to take a little time to enjoy this meal. But that’s all the more the reason to slowly indulge in the perfectly seasoned, crispy fish for your meal…



Another well celebrated dish of Haeun Dae Korean Restaurant is their O Ching Eo Gui, which is actually squid stir fried with Korean Hot Pepper Paste. The dish however is only mildly spicy, making it a perfect dish for all ages.



And in the end, if you’re still a bigger fan of beef, you could also try their Bulgogi Jung Sik~



Lastly, another dish that all Korean restaurants must have is the Kim Chi Jjikeh. The dish is very well celebrated due to the amount of flavours the dish delivers. Large amount of Kim Chi and Korean Hot Pepper Paste is used to cook the soup hence i can guarantee you that you will be satisfied by this dish.



All the dishes mentioned above comes with 4 different types of sides such as Kim Chi, Tofu, Bean Sprout, and fresh fruits.



What’s more is that you can purchase limited Haeun Dae Korean Restaurant 4 Set Main Course with Drinks Voucher with Teaspoon! Choose any 4 from the following dishes and pay only RM60!!

  1. Ttukbaegi Bulgogi Jung Sik (BBQ Beef Soup, ori. price: RM21.90)
  2. Ttukabaegi Dak Bulgogi Jung (BBQ Chicken Soup, ori. price: RM18.90)
  3. O Ching Eo Gui (Fried Cuttlefish with Korea Chili Sauce, ori. price: 19.90)
  4. Kalehi Gui (Fried Fish, ori. price: RM17.90)
  5. Dol Sot Pi Pim Pab (ori. price: RM18.90)


Other than that, you can also purchase a Teaspoon EXCLUSIVE [Limited]Korean Lunch/Dinner Exclusively for Teaspoon Members voucher. This voucher consists of a soup (Choose from Kim Chi Soup, Ttukbaegi Bulgogi Jung Sik, and Ttukbaegi Dak Bulgogi Jung Sik), a huge mixed platter with Rice Ball, Spring Roll, Deep Fried Tofu Skin, Fried Chicken/Grilled Beef/Grilled Lamb , Kimchi, and different Fruits~



This set with 7 different types of foods can be enjoyed by 2 person and only costs you RM76! This voucher can only be purchased in Teaspoon so purchase this voucher and ajak your kawan to Haeun Dae Korean Restaurant NOW~~~!





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