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The ‘Rustic’ Hidden Gem of Kuching City, The Granary

By L3Dah on Mar 8, 2017

When it first opened back in September 2015, this warehouse like western restaurant caught a lot of people by surprise especially Kuchingites to their well hidden location. Due to the location and the metal roof fencing that they had previously, it is really difficult to locate this place, unless you happen to be around the area.



They now have the proper wire-mesh fencing to make it easier for people to spot the place, but how many of you have actually been to The Granary?



About 100 years ago, this was a warehouse to store grains. By fate and chance Joanne found the refurbished warehouse designed by Rosemarie Wong; the owner of Ranee Hotel and immediately fell in love with the place. She then partnered up Emily and together with their team; made the Granary what it is today!



Having years of experience in the F&B industry and due to the love for delicious foods, the owners put together a team of culinary experts from different parts of the world to prepare top notch Western food and to “set a different standard” for Western foods in Kuching.


To start, we had the Pork Belly Fries. The pork belly with the crispy skin and tender meat is roasted to perfection. The tender and juicy pork meats will absolutely satisfy you with every bite you take. The pork belly comes with a spicy and sour Thai Chilli sauce to burst open your taste buds as well as your appetite.



As for the main course, we were first served the remarkable Peri Peri Burger with homemade fried chicken patty and homemade Peri Peri sauce. Peri Peri (or Piri Piri) is grown in the wild in Africa, but the head chef (originated from South Africa) improvised by using local chilli pepper to make the delicious hot sauce.



Next on the table is the NZ Beef Short Ribs (200g). The beef ribs are slow cooked for 8 hours are so soft that it can be cut through with the knife with little to no efforts. The sweet barbeque sauce takes the dish to another level!



Then there’s the Grilled Chicken (300g). The chef did the chicken justice by preparing the thigh meat just right that the meat is still very tender, juicy, and not the slightest hint of it being overcooked. The Grilled Chicken comes with a choice of black pepper sauce that is quite mild and can be acceptable by patrons of all ages.



For desserts! We were served the Cookie Cup Sundae and the Guinness Cake.



The homemade cookie cup comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with caramel sauce and chocolate syrup. The cake has this moist texture similar to a brownie but with an extra layer of Baileys Buttercream and mild Guinness Stout taste.


As for the drinks, we had the chance to try out the Queen of Headhunters and the Puteri Santubong cocktails.


The first drink, the Queen of Headhunters is a mix of Southern Comfort, Cranberry, and a dash of Bitters. The drink does not have a strong liquor taste, but instead it has this fruity taste due to the cranberry.



The Puteri Santubong made using local Tuak, Midori, lime juice, and mint also does not have a strong taste.



Everyday of the week, you can enjoy different offers at The Granary, and that gives you another reason to visit the place other than the delicious foods, warm hospitality from the staffs, and The Granary being the perfect environment to hang out with your loved ones.



So, if you’re also like me (or I was), meaning you’ve heard about The Granary but have not mustered enough bravery or have yet found the reasn to try out their food, we believe that we’ve just presented you all you need to know about the place.



Now, ajak your kawans, grab your car keys, and venture to the beautiful and hidden granary at the heart of the Kuching city~~




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