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How to earn Points & Rewards with Loyalty Program?

By Admin on Apr 26, 2016

The ‘Loyalty Program’ feature of Teaspoon – Food and Rewards mobile app offers you unlimited discounts and free items up for grabbed. We have 3 different types of Loyalty Programs and we will teach you how to redeem the discounts and rewards.


To redeem the discounts and rewards, you must first join as the member of a particular restaurant. For example you would like to redeem the 10% discounts at U Cha you must join as U Cha’s member first.


Look for U Cha in the mobile app by tapping on ‘Loyalty Program’ to see all restaurants offering discounts or rewards, and Tap on ‘(+) Join Member’




The 3 types of Loyalty Programs are as follows:


Type 1 – Fixed Discounts:

To redeem the discounts, simply ‘Tap & Show’ to get your discounts.




Type 2 – Point Rewards:

Start by collecting points by scanning a QR code generated by restaurants during payment.



The same scanning process is required for restaurants that offers free item after the Nth of visit or purchase.

Items that can be grabbed will have the hand symbol turned red.



Grab to redeem it later or tap instant redeem to grab and redeem on the spot.

If you see a notification such as below, it means you have rewards waiting to be redeemed.



Tap on it and any “Reward ( )” label turned red with number enclosed in bracket, there is a reward ready to be redeemed for that restaurant.



Redeem items by tapping on the red Redeem symbol and show the staff or cashier within 30 minutes or it will expires.





Type 3 – Dine in Frequency

Upon making your payment, scan the QR Code generated by the restaurant and get an increment of frequency by 1.


You can scan by tapping on the main page ‘Collect Points & Privilege’ or the ‘Grab Your Discount Now!’ as below


Do note that some restaurants might set a minimum spending to obtain a QR Code scan. Also, each scan last for only 30 days, meaning that if you do not visit the place for the next 30 days, your frequency bar will drop by 1.


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