The Sushi King Special Buffet is FINALLY Here!!

By L3Dah on Apr 17, 2017

I believe all of you sushi lovers asked the same question when we first heard of the Sushi King Buffet at KK, “WHY Kuching don’t have one~~~???!”. Well, it is finally our turn!! And this crazy unlimited sushi King Buffet promotion begins today! 


From today (17th April) to 23rd April, you can enjoy UNLIMITED sushi at Sushi King The Spring! Sushi, Rice, Drinks, Desserts, and more is waiting for you~~! However, the offer is only valid during the night from 6pm to 10pm. So, you have gotta be mentally and physically prepared for a long long queue... 


Sushi King Member Card holders need only pay RM35.90 per adult and RM17.90 per children. Non-Sushi King Member Card holders can also enjoy this unlimtied buffet for RM39.90 for an adult, and RM19.90 for children. The price difference is not a lot, which is a Very Good News am I right?! 


Do take note that only Sushi King @ The Spring Shopping Mall have this unlimited buffet~


Here’s what they have prepared for you in this buffet!



▪ Premium Salmon ▪ Ebi Fry Nigiri ▪ Ebi Ten Nigiri ▪ Inari ▪ Surimi Scallop ▪ Tamago ▪ Unagi Slice ▪ Egg Mayo Gunkan ▪ Tori Karaage Gunkan ▪ Tuna Mayo Gunkan ▪ Salmon Nishoku ▪ Tsubukko ▪ Inari Boat Tuna ▪ Kani Tobikko ▪ Salmon Mayo Gunkan ▪ Yakiniku Gunkan ▪ Kanitama Maki ▪ CKT Maki ▪ California Maki ▪ Tuna Mayo Maki ▪ Kanikama Maki ▪ Tamago Maki ▪ Fry Roll ▪ Beef Roll ▪ Gyu Maki ▪ Chicken Cheese Roll ▪



▪ Yakiniku Don ▪ Spicy Yakiniku Don ▪ Tori Karaage Don ▪ Chicken Katsu Don ▪ Ten Don ▪ Chicken Nanban Don ▪ Sakana Black Pepper Don ▪ Chicken Curry ▪ Yakiniku Curry ▪



▪ Vanilla Ice Cream ▪ Matcha Ice Cream ▪ Hot Green Tea ▪ Ice Green Tea ▪ Ice Honey Lemon Tea ▪ Ice Blackcurrant Lemon ▪



▪ Chicken Nanban ▪ Yakiniku Tsumami ▪ Tori Karaage ▪ Piri Piri Chicken ▪ Edamame ▪ Ika Karaage ▪ Age Gyoza ▪ Chicken Katsu ▪ Rice ▪ Miso Soup ▪ Chigiri Age ▪


Okay, you can stop drooling and AJAK your friends and get ready to queue up!!

**One Sushi King Member Card can only bring up to 6 person.

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