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【Munch Cafe: The One Stop for Breakfast & Lunch!】

By L3Dah on May 10, 2017

When everyone is satisfied with a bowl of Kolo Mee for breakfast, Munch Cafe offered Kuchingites a new range of breakfast that is just simply irresistible! Why? Easy! Because other than having Noodles and Wanton, Munch Cafe offer delicious in-house baked breads such as Ciabatta, Baguette, Bagel, Muffin, Pita, and more!!


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Munch Cafe, having strategically located at Jalan Song Thian Cheok, became one of the favourite spot for Kuchingites whom are working nearby to grab a quick and satisfying breakfast. Of course, having such an impressive array of foods in the menu, Munch Cafe also attracted many Kuching Foodies that are willing to travel all the way downtown for a taste of those delicious breads~~


But since they only have one baker in house, some types of the bread may not be available from time to time.


And that’s that, now let’s dive right into the main topic shall we?


211 - English Muffin served with Fried Egg, Cheese, and Chicken Ham


First up we have the English Muffin. Soft and fluffy Muffins clamping satisfying fillings which consists of Fried Egg, Cheese, and Chicken Ham. If you’re more of a fan of Turkey Ham, you could also opt for Turkey Ham! The light muffin buns may not look like much, but when coupled with the fillings, this simple little muffin can easily fill up your stomach and energize you for the long day at work~!


2152 - Bagel served with Raspberry Jam & Cream Cheese


Next we have my personal favourite, the Bagel served with Raspberry Jam & Cream Cheese~ The top part of the bagel is coated with a layer of crispy poppy seeds, the exterior of the bagel itself is baked so well that it is crispy and produces the “crunch” as you take a bite. When you reach the middle of the bun, the flavours of the Raspberry jam and the Cream Cheese combines to give you an explosion of flavours and satisfaction in your mouth~


2124 - Turkey Ham, Cheese, & Veges Baguette Sandwich



For something a little bit more compact and dense, try out their Baguette Sandwich! While you’re at it, do not let the one with Turkey Ham, Cheese, & Vege slip through your fingers~~ Seriously, if you have a small appetite in the morning, most probably you will be able to finish only half of this amazing sandwich.


2134 - Ciabatta Sandwich with Turkey Ham, Cheese, & Veges


If you’re looking for something as satisfying as the Baguette Sandwich, but with lighter texture, then I would highly recommend the Ciabatta Sandwich. You can also have the same fillings with the Ciabatta Sandwich, but the difference is that the bread of Ciabatta Sandwich is lighter and the crust is thinner. But, BOTH are DELICIOUS I would say~~! XD




202 - Kaya with Cold Butter Toast


For something even lighter, you need to try out this little humble and amazing Toast~ The toast is really light and very crispy~


1031 - Pork and Prawn Wantan Dry




Other than the sandwiches, Munch Cafe is also well known for their Wantand and Noodles. The wantan consists of generous amount of prawn and meat fillings that will satisfy you with every bite you take.


1032 - Pork and Prawn Wantan Dry served with Mee



Just Wantan is not enough for you? Then you’ll be glad to know you can have the same satisfying Wantan with their perfectly seasoned noodles~ Since yellow noodle is used, the bowl of wantan that may not be enough for most people suddenly became a satisfying and perfect bowl of breakfast with the noodles added~~ XD


Munch Cafe is open from 6.45 am to 3pm… It is usually packed with customers during the morning and during lunch time, because of the location and all. But, nothing can stop a true foodie from getting the food they’ve locked on! ╰(▔∀▔)╯


Unless it’s a Sunday, in which they are closed. (╥﹏╥)


But still, ajak your friends, take your car keys, and get ready for an awesome breakfast and lunch at Munch Cafe~~!




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