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Kuching Must Eat: Hap Hap Hin @ Kenyalang

By L3Dah on May 17, 2017

Other than Kolo Mee & Laksa, there’s one other dish that all Kuchingites love, yep, that’s right! It’s the Tomato Kueh Tiaw. You really can find them almost at every corners around Kuching.


Just like Kolo Mee & Laksa, we Kuchingites can enjoy Tomato Kueh Tiaw every day and can have them for all the 4 meals throughout the day, including supper. Maybe 5, if you include some of the more popular places to enjoy afternoon tea that also houses Tomato Kueh Tiaw stall.


Anyway… Teaspoon would like to recommend this awesome stall at the 3rd floor of the Kenyalang Park Market, Hap Hap Hin (No. 37)!




Hap Hap Hin has been around since 2007, so that’s roughly 10 years. But they actually started wayyy earlier than that. When I was there the other day, the owners told me that his mother used to sell at the bus stop by the roadside long long time ago.




While some may debate that the food here is no longer as great as the one made by the previous generation, my taste buds sure does love the foods here very very much. Especially the Tomato Kueh Tiaw.




Unlike the Tomato Kueh Tiaw at most places, the kueh tiaw still has the very fragrant smell and taste from the wok, despite being flooded with the tomato gravy.




The tomato gravy itself is not overly sweet and retains a little bit of acidity to blast open your appetite early in the morning. This is also why Tomato Kueh Tiaw makes an amazing breakfast~~


The owners of Hap Hap Hin don’t cook a whole pot of tomato gravy and then heat it up to serve. But instead, they make fresh tomato gravy with each plate of Tomato Kueh Tiaw ordered. Yes, it’s a lot more work, but it made a remarkable difference in the taste.




Hold up, it get’s better! Other than the kueh tiaw and the tomato gravy, the Char Sio on top of this dish is actually homemade! How cool is that?


Other than Tomato Kueh Tiaw, I also had the chance to try out their Foochow Mee which is also intense. The noodles also have that fragrance from the heat and the wok retained. The soup is just spot on with the right amount of wine in it. Not too soft, not too extreme, just right!  




The stall is open as early as 4am until 10am, and they are open everyday.






So, when’s the last time you accompany your mom to the market? If it’s been a while, maybe you should take this chance to belanja your mom for all the hard work with the quality foods at Hap Hap Hin~~~




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