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【The FIRST Taiwanese Healthy Steamboat in Kuching?】

By L3Dah on Jun 16, 2017

Taiwan Tian Sian Hui Wei”, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the name but how many of you actually knows that this place serves AMAZING steamboat? The brand, Tian Sian Hui Wei originates from Taiwan and it has over 60 years of long history serving authentic steamboats with tons of amazing soup base that will surprise you!


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Tian Sian Hui Wei runs with only one concept in mind, that is to serve Healthy steamboat to the customers all while retaining to the most original ways of enjoying steamboat. The recipe of the soup base are all recipes that are already lost for many years which requires 72 hours of preparing and contains more than 60 types of natural ingredients without one tiny speck of MSG added. More importantly, not one bit of artificial ingredients are added in the preparation of the steamboat.


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All of these authenticity and the delicious goodness can be found here in Kuching! That’s right! Taiwan Tian Sian Hui Wei Healthy Steamboat is located at Jalan Tun Jugah, and most of you may find it surprising, but they are already here for 9 years!! If you haven’t got the chance to drop by and try out their steamboat, immediately book a place right after you are finished reading this article.


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When you dine at Tian Sian Hui Wei, you dine in a fully air-conditioned, comfortable, and relaxing environment. Other than that, there are several compartments within the restaurant for you to enjoy some privacy while you enjoy your dinner. Of course, there are also some seats located at the outside if you so prefer. Combining the seating inside and outside, the spacious restaurant can accommodate roughly 80 customers.


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👉Steamboat Soup Base👈


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Tian Sian Hui Wei has 3 incredible soup bases for you to choose from, Original, Spicy, and Vegetarian. These 3 soup base is already enough to make a lot of first time customers turn into their regular customers. Seriously! One of the main reasons Tian Sian Hui Wei has such a high return rate is due to the soup base alone. A lot of customers simply cannot resist themselves from having another sip of their soup.


Once the soup is delivered to your table, the smell, the fragrance of the soup alone will make you drool! ~ (〃∀〃)~♡ It is just that good!


The soup base comes with a price of RM41 for Big Pot, and RM35 for Small Pot, but we highly recommend that you go for the Ying Yang Pot where you can enjoy 2 different types of soup base at one go~~~ And we really recommend that you choose the Spicy Soup Base as one of it. The Spicy Soup Base is prepared using large amount of vegetables, allowing the spiciness of the soup to have just the spiciness but at the same time not irritating to your throat. Just plain awesome.


👉Steamboat Food Ingredients👈


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There are more than 100 different types of food ingredients for you to choose from to couple with the amazing soup base. There’s pork slices, lamb slices, high class beef slices, handmade meatballs & fish balls, imported meatballs & fish balls, Cheese fish balls, Taro fish balls, tons of seafoods, Squid Ink sausages, vegetables, and many many more!!!There’s also desserts and alcohol waiting for you here too~~~ O(≧∇≦)O


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To preserve the freshness of the ingredients, the food ingredients is ordered in an Ala Carte method, you order what you want, and the ingredients will be prepared fresh from the kitchen.


We had a few of their extensive menu and here are some of the most recommended ingredients that we think you should try. First is of course the meats~~~ ( ̄﹃ ̄)


The meat slices here are all very thin, 1, 2, 3, swipes in the boiling soup base and it’s ready to be delivered to your mouth. But worry not, although the slices are thin, the amount of meat slices given will shock you as they are delivered to the table. The types of meats that you should go for? Definitely the Pork, Beef, and Lamb~~~

~ (〃∀〃)~♡


meat slices - all

meat slices - beef (1)

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Next is something that we’ve never tried before, Squid Ink Sausage Slices. This super super healthy sausage that contains squid ink is imported directly from Taiwan. The sausage slices are very chewy and juicy~~~  When you swipe the sausage slices in the boiling soup base, when the squid ink slice shrink and coils, it’s ready!


squid ink sausages (1)

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squid ink sausages (5)


Then there’s this special food item.


The look of this food ingredient gives out a scream saying “CHEESEEEEE”!!  But when we took a scoop after it’s cook, we found out that it contains crab meat, bits of shrimp, potato, and some other ingredients fusing together with the cheese to produce an extraordinary flavour. To perfectly cook this dish, all you need to do is to simmer it in the boiling soup base for 5 to 10 minutes~~


sea shell cheese seafood (1)

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sea shell cheese seafood (6)


Some other special food ingredients that you must try includes the Mongolian Wraps, Cheese Fish Balls, and the Taro Balls. These delicious wraps and balls contains a little surprise wrapped within, and I assure you that you will love these food ingredients.



balls - 1 taro (1)

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balls - 5 (3)

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👉Vegetarian Pot👈


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If you’re a vegetarian, then that’s good news because they also have pure Vegetarian Soup base and tons of fresh green veggie for you too! They also have mushrooms and tons of other vegetarian food ingredients so that you can also enjoy a wonderful steamboat for dinner!




Taiwan Tian Sian Hui Wei Steamboat Kuching also have these crazy offers ongoing too~~


- 【Weekday Lunch Promotion】

11.00AM-2.00PM: 30% Discount on Foods

**Promotion valid only from Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays


-【Voucher Promotion】

Buy RM500 Voucher and get another RM200 FREE!


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👉How to Enjoy Steamboat at Tian Sian?👈


If you notice, we did not introduce any special sauce like we did for other steamboats. This is because Tian Sian promotes a way of enjoying steamboat without sauces. This is also how the Taiwanese enjoy their steamboat! But after receiving feedbacks from the customers, they have prepared some basic sauces like soy sauce & chilli for you.


Here are some tips for you to consider when dining at Tian Sian Hui Wei to enjoy maximum flavours and satisfaction.

1, Eat without sauces.

2, Have some meats first then finish with green veggie.

3, Drink the soup after you refilled the soup

4, The spicy pot will get more spicy as you eat, so you need to take out the chilli if you cannot take too much spiciness.


Again, Tian Sian Hui Wei is fully equipped with air-conditioning. So you can enjoy your steamboat without worrying that it’ll be too hot! So faster go ajak your kawans and families liaw~~~!


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