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【Delicious Kolo Mee and Taiwanese Foods under One Roof?】

By L3Dah on Jul 15, 2017

Most of you may have heard of this noodle house located at Tabuan Tranquility. But for those who have not, you seriously need to try out the foods, especially the noodles here at【Fu Lok Noodle House】.


Not only that the foods here are delicious, they also come in big portion and super affordable price! Delicious, affordable, and big portion. Seriously. And you know what, the awesomeness of this humble noodle house doesn’t stop here. They started serving their delicious Kolo Mee as early as 28 years ago as a stall at Pending area! Now, they are here at Tabuan Tranquility to continue serving Kuchingites their delicious noodles with extra food items added to the menu~~


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The noodles at【Fu Lok Noodle House】is still deeply loved by many because of the generous amount and the quality of the food ingredients that they used. Every plate, every bowl of noodle is assembled with great effort to present the best flavours to your taste buds.


One perfect example is their signature dish, the Kolo Mee. Tangy and perfectly cooked noodles coupled with the fragrant barbequed pork slices to create the very definition of satisfaction. For greater amount of satisfaction, go for the Wanton Char Siew Noodles~~


Kolo Mee (10)

Kolo Mee (2)

Kolo Mee (3)

Kolo Mee (7)

kolo mee wanton (4)

kolo mee wanton (6)

kolo mee wanton (7)


If you would like to have something different to go along their delicious noodles, you should really go for the Crispy Meatball Noodles with the crunchy and satisfying meatballs, and their Fried Chicken Noodles with a whole deep fried chicken chop as the topping for your noodles~~


Deep Fried Fish Ball Noodle (2)


chicken chop noodle (1)

chicken chop noodle (6)


If deep fried chicken and meatballs are too heavy for you, worry not for they also have the all time favourite, Mixed Noodles. Pork meatballs, pork slices, fish balls, tofu, veggies and more~~~! What more can you ask for? Soup? Of course, no problem! Just go for the Mix Soup Noodles~~~~


seafood noodle (6)

seafood soup noodle (2)

seafood soup noodle (3)

seafood soup noodle (4)

seafood soup noodle (5)


The highlight of the soup is that the soup are cooked everyday using large amount of bones to enhance the flavours of the soup base itself.


For example the Claypot Mix Pork Soup Noodles. Other than the generous amount of ingredients such as the pork slices, pork stomach, pork kidney, pork liver, and more, the soup itself is enough to charm your tastebuds.


mixed pork soup (3)

soup and noodle 1 (11)


One other special food item at【Fu Lok Noodle House】is the Fresh & Fried Sliced Fish Soup Noodles. This special dish features deep fried and fresh Grouper fish slices into a satisfying bowl with seafood overload. The dish comes with a bowl of dry noodles, hence satisfaction is guaranteed.


soup and noodle 1 (14)

soup and noodle 1 (16)

soup and noodle 1 (5)

soup and noodle 1 (9)


As mentioned earlier, other than noodles you can also find tons of other flavours in the menu. One prime example is the Minced Pork Rice. Despite having tried so many dishes on that day, we were able to lick the bowl clean when we tried this dish. It is just that good! Other than minced meat, the dish is also topped with a super attractive looking, super juicy 3 layered pork! ( ̄﹃ ̄)


lu rou fan (5)

lu rou fan (9)

lu rou fan (13)

lu rou fan (14)


Next rice dish that we would like to recommend is the Chinese Sausage Rice. Rice, topped with JUICY pork slices and slices of Chinese Sausage, mixed together and you have yourself a bowl of delicious delicious DELICIOUS Chinese Sausage rice.


chinese sausage rice (10)

chinese sausage rice (7)


Finally, we have yet another special dish on the menu. The Fish Noodles Soup. It’s not a bowl of fish soup with noodles, no. It’s a dish with noodles made from fish meat. In a way, it’s like you’re eating long strands of fishball. Just that it’s no longer a ‘ball’, but noodle. The experience is definitely a shocker, but the dish is definitely delicioussss~~


fish noodle (10)

fish noodle (11)

fish noodle (3)


So, have you ever been to【Fu Lok Noodle House】? No? Then you better start ajak your kawan and head over to【Fu Lok Noodle House】now!


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