[Kuching Festival]

【Kuching Fest’s TALLEST American Cone Ice Cream】

By Jing Yi on Jul 29, 2017

Let us treat you to something new at Kuching Fest this year! Check out this super TALL ice cream at Stall 12A~






With just the cone, there are sooo many choices! The base is either Red Velvet or Charcoal, and completely handmade! The top of the cone is coated with with chocolate and lined with colourful cereal, sprinkles or marshmallows that you can pick and choose from to your heart’s desire. It’s definitely eye-candy!





As for the ice cream, there are 9 flavours! All fresh and sweet, there are fruity varieties like Mango, Strawberry and Yam as well as Chocolate, Oreo and Chocolate Mint, etc. It really is loved by the young and old, with so many people lining up to grab one for themselves.




For a single scoop, it’s only RM7, which is a pretty good price to begin with. But for 3 scoops, it’s only RM9! It really is super worth it. With this hot weather, you definitely should try this American Cone Ice Cream when you visit Kuching Fest. Remember, it’s Stall 12A!


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