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【The「Durian Crepe Cake」&「Goat Milk Products」in Sibu!】TYC Goat & Livestock Farm

By L3Dah on Aug 8, 2017

If you remember the Durian Crepe Cake from Sibu last month, then you must be dying to know where it can be found!! The Durian Crepe Cake can be found here in Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg Sibu, the TYC Goat & Livestock Farm. Other than the Durian Crepe Cake, they also offer a wide range of Goat Milk products too~


For the past 10 years, TYC Goat & Livestock Farm focused on offering organic and environmentally friendly products and organic goat milk foods available to the visitors of the farm. The farm also offer Eco-Tour to the farm which houses many different cute animals~~!



Farms shots (2)

Farms shots (3)


I’ve personally visited the farm located in Sibu and I can only say the experience is really worth the trip! The most satisfying part of the trip is definitely the foods! Especially their Durian Crepe Cake and the Goat Milk Food Products~~ ㄟ(≧∀≦ㄟ)


If you’re thinking, can these foods be found in Kuching? YEP! They can be found at a certain location in Kuching! Stay tune to the end of the article to find out where! (─‿‿─)



Let’s start with their Fresh Goat Milk. you can purchase their goat milk fresh for RM26.50 (1200 ml) or RM8.50 (300 ml). The goat milk is very nutritious and can easily absorbed by the human body, other than that the goat milk is also very safe that it will absolutely not induce any kind of allergy.






Other than just having it fresh, the goat milk is also used to produce different flavours of Goat Milk Ice Creams. The ice cream produced using fresh goat milk will have very smoother and finer texture that is just simply amazing!





Since the ice creams are made fresh, the ice creams and the milk itself contains absolutely zero foul smell. We highly recommend that you try out their Original ice cream flavour to find out! They also have Matcha, Peanut, Milo, Horlick, Coffee, and more ice cream flavours!





And of course, there’s the Durian Crepe Cake with fresh durian flesh in the cake! Best of all, this Durian Crepe Cake can also be found in Kuching! The crepe cakes is only available during durian season, therefore we highly recommend that you call the number that we provide at the end to make your reservation~~! They also have Original Goat Milk Crepe Cake and Peanut Crepe Cake that is also highly recommended!




Other than the crepe cake, their Handmade Goat Milk Cupcake is also worth the try!


Cupcake 2


You can also find delicious and all natural Coconut Pudding. Since the farm has this large compound with a lot of coconut trees planted, the coconut pudding is made using fresh coconut too~





TYC Goat & Livestock Farm also has this popular and delicious Handmade Cookies that is almost impossible to buy especially during Chinese New Year. But it’s okay, you only need to make early bookings and confirm you can get these delicious cookies for your guests!






Other than these delicious foods, TYC Goat & Livestock Farm also have a lot of other amazing products such as their Homemade Goat Milk Soap, Organic Fertilizer, Insect Repellant Ointment and Repellant Mist, Detergent, Housework Soap, and more that is 100% natural and safe to use~~







If you would like to visit the farm, they are open for visiting, please call to confirm. It’s only RM5.30 for adult and RM3.20 for children~ The farm consists of not only goats, but also some other animals such as bears, crocodile, eagles, parrots, and more~


Farms shots (5)

Farms shots (6)


Tips: Do remember to bring caps or umbrella, and remember to drink more water and apply lotions to prevent sunburns!


【Contact Details】

  1. Kuching

Method: Contact their agents before Mondays, and you’ll be able to get the stocks on Thursday/Friday

Note: Durian Crepe Cake is only available during durian season, follow their Facebook page for first hand info.


Contact No.: 0198883819/0128098336






  1. Sibu

TYC Goat Milk and Livestock Sdn Bhd Location:

TYC Goat Milk and Livestock Farm:

Link to Facebook Shop:

HQ Contact:016-889 8236/084319481

Agent Contact:0199958383(Emily)


  1. Miri

Miri Agent Contact No.: 0123990299(Lau Lee)

Batu Nia Agent Contact No.: 0168675607(江丽华)


  1. Bintulu

Agent Contact No.: 0138093391(惠琪)


If you’re in Sibu, you can directly purchase the products from their store. While if you’re in Kuching and Miri, then you would need to contact their agents to book the products~


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TYC Goat & Livestock Farm
223F, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, Pekan Sibu, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia