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【Tastes Like Mum’s Cooking!】Green Heights’ 「Yummy House」!

By Jing Yi on Aug 14, 2017

Green Heights’ 「Yummy House」!So many choices everyday that you won’t even know what to choose~


Portions big enough to be worth your money and food that tastes like the best of home cooking ✌ You are heading in the right direction! At Green Heights’ Yummy House, each day they serve up to 30 types of dishes~ Meat lah, vege lah, tofu lah, egg lah, and sometimes even have some special dishes that you usually get to eat when mum is cooking oh~


Char Siew (7)

Sweet and sour (1)

Vege (5)

Fried fish (5)

Vege (7)




And they don’t just serve economical fast food! They also have your goreng-goreng~ If you want mee, kuey teow, kolok mee, bee hoon, tang hoon, rice, all also got goreng yoh. The portions are just as big as if you get the economic fast food, so you definitely will leave with a full stomach no matter what you’re eating!


Ma ni cai bihun

Tomato kueh teow (1)

Yue guang he (1)

Kolok (6)

Fried rice (2)

Zhu chao (4)

Tang hun


In general, the whole restaurant from the food to the owners give a very warm and homey feeling ♡~(〃∀〃)~♡ They even WhatsApp to customers what is being served everyday! So all you have to do is place your order earlier in the morning and you can get your food on “Drive-Thru”!


Others (2)


They are open from lunch to dinner so that us working people can get a good meal without the fuss of cooking!


We aren’t joking, there are up to 30 dishes daily! And they change from day to day too~ The day we were there, there was Butter Chicken, Stir-Fried Pineapple, Braised Egg, Fuzhou Chicken with Red Rice Yeast, Yong Tau Fu with Salted Fish, just to name a few!


Butter chicken (3)

Char Siew (3)

Vege (1)

Pineapple (2)

Vege (2)

Hong Zhao (5)

Vege (3)

Vege (4)


~【Yong Tau Fu with Salted Fish】~

What’s so special about this Yong Tau Fu? The meat stuffing has salted fish in it! The tofu is soft while the meat is tender inside. The salted fish and scallion fragrance makes it even better ♡~(〃∀〃)~♡ It’s definitely something different that you have to try, and will love!


Yong tau fu (3)

Yong tau fu (8) 


~【Fried Chicken Wing】~

We know you can get fried chicken at a lot of places, but the taste of the ones here reminded me of the fried chicken my mother makes. Of course, there’s a crunchy coating and juicy meat. You should eat it with their homemade Sambal. The spicy, tangy taste goes so well with the slightly salty chicken!╰(*´︶`*)╯


Fried chicken (1)

Fried chicken (5)


~【Kacang Ma Chicken】~

You’d be surprised at how thick the Kacang Ma taste is in this dish! There is also the flavour of rice wine which elevates the taste~ The chicken is also super tender. You can now get good Kacang Ma at just an economic fast food restaurant! Who said good food can’t be super accessible, right?


Kacang ma (1)

Kacang ma (2)


~【Stir-fried Kolok Mee】~

A good stir-fry, I would say, needs to be good in 3 categories: smell, taste, colour. Food that is pleasing to the eye will feel more appetizing also oh~ The combination of green vegetables, fish cakes, chicken slices, taugeh, prawns and a good amount of thick soy sauce tada! If you wanna add an egg on it, it’s only RM1 and you get to have the “Egg Yolk Satisfaction” (you know what I’m talking about)~ \(*T▽T*)/


Kolok (7)

Kolok (8)


Other stir-fried dishes you can get are Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Fried Manichai Bee Hoon, Cantonese and Tomato Style Crispy Noodles or Kueh Teow too! All of it are big portioned and taste good~


Fried rice (1)

Tang hun (1)

Tomato kueh teow (4)

Yue guang he (7)

Zhu chao (8)



They also have wide variety of drinks to choose from. My personal favorites were the Pat Poh C that you can only usually get in Penang, and don't forget to try the shop well known Kedonday juice which is all freshly blended whenever an order is placed!


Drinks (18)

Drinks (20)


Hot-Selling Drinksinclude~

Pat Poh C


Green Bean Soup

Kedondong Juice

Teh Tarik


Drinks (6)


Drinks (11)

Drinks (13)

Drinks (5)


Yummy House is here to be your convenient home away from home with big portions at reasonable prices! Remember to leave your phone number when you visit, so they can WhatsApp you their daily menu~ They are open from Mondays to Fridays 10.30am to 7.00pm and half days on Saturdays. Sunday and public holiday off. Show up and get your tummy filled!


Vege (6)

Fried fish (1)

Hong Zhao (1)

Orange Chicken (3)

Others (1)

Sweet and sour (2)


Storefront (2)

Surroundings (1)

Surroundings (4)

Storefront (1)


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