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【From ”Kuching’s Heaviest Mixed Grill” Comes the NEW Airbox Pork Platter!】

By Jing Yi on Aug 24, 2017

You should remember when we featured【The Airbox】and their gigantic mixed grill from a few months ago. This time, they have a Pork Platter that probably beats that! But that’s not all, let us show you what new treats they have waiting for you at【The Airbox】~



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If you haven’t heard about the Airbox, let me fill you in!【The Airbox】has been around for a year or so, located in Aeroville Commercial Center Park. The restaurant looks out to the direction of the Kuching International Airport so you get a view of planes making a landing.


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So let me catch you up with what the chef has been cooking up since~


First, we have the「Airbox PORK Platter」! It’s so big that it gave me a shock! Zero exaggeration, the platter is HUGE. The platter is filled with 5 types of pork: pork ribs, crispy pork knuckle, smoked pork belly, bacon and sausage. The star of the dish is the pork ribs, cooked first with herbs then grilled and covered in a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. Other than meat, you also get a large serving of straight cut and waffle cut fries, mashed potatoes, corn, fresh mesclun salad and 4 types of sauces! The mushroom, black pepper and apple were good but my favorite was the mustard. If you would like a challenge, maybe you could try finishing it with 4 people, because we definitely couldn’t -- tapau lah~


Pork platter

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Seafood lovers cannot miss out on this second dish,「Cheese Baked Big Head Prawn」! Three big head prawns are covered in cheese and baked till gooey. There is an amazing fragrance that comes from the combination of prawns, cheese and herbs. The prawn itself is super fresh and the texture is springy. It might be a lot but I would have been happy to eat the whole plate myself!


Prawns (9) copy

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When I say「Butter Salted Egg Chicken Chop」, you might think “been there, done that”, but no lo, this one is special. What’s so special about it? The sauce is specially made so that you can actually taste the texture of the salted egg! The bits of salted egg alongside the buttery, creamy and fragrant mixture really brings it to the next level. Plus, the chicken chop is not deep-fried, but grilled till its juicy~


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If you’re here to grab a beer with your mates, get the 「Airbox SNACK FOOD Platter」. It’s a huge platter perfect for sharing with so many different snack foods for you to munch on. This includes Chicken Wings, Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Cheesy Wedges, Waffle Cut Fries, Nachos with salsa, Samosas and Spring Rolls.


Snack platter

Snack platter (9) copy

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You can also try the new treats「Cheese Baked Half Shell Scallop」and「Grilled Salmon Steak」. Both are delicious, and of course, with fresh seafood, you can never go wrong. The salmon steak is even imported from Norway, and those scallops are super succulent.


Scallops (11) copy

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【The Airbox】is the best place for you and your friends to gather around and share a meal. The more the merrier because you’ll get to try even more of the dishes together! Whether it’s the「Airbox PORK Platter」,「Butter Salted Egg Chicken Chop」or the「Cheese Baked Big Head Prawn」,  you don’t want to miss out on any of them.


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Salted egg chicken chop (5) copy

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Scallops (5) copy


Also, on weekends, there’s even live band music to enjoy! Specifically for the「Airbox PORK Platter」, give a call to 082-555678 to make your order. If not, you’ll have to be patient yeah~【The Airbox】is open everyday! Sundays to Thursdays, it’s open 3pm to 12.30am and Fridays and Saturdays 2pm to 1.30am.


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