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【Kuching’s FIRST「Momoyama Mooncake」】Mid-Autumn Festival is almost here~ 🌙🌕🍵

By Jing Yi on Aug 26, 2017

Do you know where you’re going to get your mooncakes? Lai, we tell you! Located in Aeroville Commercial Centre,【Peter Baking Studio】 has soooo many varieties that are all delicious, healthy and super pretty. All of mooncakes are homemade and have no artificial colouring~



Shanghai (3) copy

Tao san red (1) copy

DSC_0316 copy


You can now getJapan Momoyama Mooncakeshere! This Momoyama is a newly developed mooncake layer unlike the traditional one, and it’s famous for how smooootth it is. The mooncake layer itself has flavours like Red Wine, Sweet Potato, Matcha and more! But we say, you have to try the Creamy Egg Momoyama Mooncake. Look at that gooey filling in the center~


DSC_0216 copy

Tao san red (2) copy

Tao san yellow (3) copy

Tao san green (4) copy

Liu xing (5) copy


If you want something even more unconventional, you can try the「Shanghai Mooncake」. They don’t just have the traditional type. They have fillings like Custard wiith Egg Yolk, Red Bean, Chocolate and Jujube just to name a few! The fragrant butter crust is also sprinkled with sesames~


Shanghai (7) copy

Butter crust (1) copy

Butter crust copy

Shanghai (2) copy

Shanghai (1) copy

Butter crust (13) copy

Shanghai (4) copy


If you’re a loyal fan to the「Taiwan Snow Skin Mooncake」, they have them too~ You can choose from Red Bean, Pineapple, Chocolate, Cranberry and Green Tea. The cool and smooth Snow Skin Mooncake is definitely a good dessert option.


Bing pi copy

Bing pi (5) copy

Bing pi (1) copy

Bing pi (3) copy


So if you want homemade mooncakes with great flavours, come to【Peter Baking Studio】! They have not only what we mentioned above but also Taiwan Crystal Mooncakes and Cantonese Traditional Mooncakes too~ The combinations are really endless, and all of them are delicious and healthy╰(*´︶`*)╯


Crystal (14) copy

Crystal (15) copy

Crystal (2) copy

Traditional 2 (2)

Traditional 2 (6)

Traditional 1 (1)


Peter Baking Studio】is open daily from 9am to 8pm, except on Sundays where they close at 5pm. If you wanna book your mooncakes, call 016-8851946 today!


 Crystal (4) copy

Bing pi (6) copy

Butter crust (8) copy

Traditional 2 (13)

Butter crust (3) copy

Liu xing (2) copy

Traditional 2 (4)

Shanghai (5) copy

Traditional 2 (8)

Tao san yellow (3) copy


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