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【Kuching NEW「Classic Chicken Rice」】in Icom Square

By Jing Yi on Sep 1, 2017

Where to get Hainanese Chicken Rice? Big portions? Affordable price? Eat in air-con? Let me tell you where!


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Located in Icom Square,【Classic Chicken Rice】is the place to go. What’s so special about chicken rice? Here, they have the authentic Hainanese taste! If you think they only sell chicken rice, you are wrong! Claypot soups that are huge and delicious are also served here. Other than that, they have side dishes like chicken feet, vegetables, tofu, braised egg and even umai~ With big portions and affordable prices, this is a great place to visit for lunch!


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Of course, you have to try the「Hainanese Chicken Rice」 if you are here! They have both「Steamed Chicken」and「Roasted Chicken」 here. For me, the real star is the Steamed Chicken! Every bite is tender and smooth. And for this big portion, it’s only RM5.50~ For any good Hainanese Chicken Rice, they will have their specially made sambal and chilli sauce. Yes, they have that, and it’s super appetizing~


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To add to your satisfaction, you can add on a hot claypot soup your meal! They have 「Herbal Chicken」,「Red Wine Chicken」,「Braised Lotus & Peanut Soup」,「Kacang Ma Chicken」,「Chicken Curry」and「Claypot Tofu」. For someone like myself who’s been away from home for a long time now, the soup, especially the「Herbal Chicken」and「Braised Lotus & Peanut Soup」, is like “chicken soup for the soul” and really reminded me of home. And guess what, with the amount of filling in it, it’s only RM6.50! I’ll be back for it again~


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Curry chicken (1) copy

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For a chicken rice shop, they have soooo many side dishes! The most special are the the「Glass Chicken Feet」and the「Umai Udang」, which are actually cold dishes! The「Glass Chicken Feet」is appetizing, sweet and sour, and not too spicy. The bones were removed so it’s convenient to eat too. As for the Umai Udang, the sour and spicy taste opens up your palette makes you want more~


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Other side dish choices include Bean Sprouts, Hong Kong Kailan, Midin (Garlic/Belacan), Baby Romaine Lettuce, Steamed Broccoli  (Oyster Sauce/Garlic Sauce) and more! Check them out here~


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Broccoli copy

Taugeh copy

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If you wanna get the most value, try their Set Lunches! They are only here for September so make sure not to miss out.


【1 Chicken Rice + 1 Drink Set】

Steamed Chicken Rice - RM5.50

Roasted Chicken Rice - RM 5.50

Drumstick Meat Chicken Rice - RM 6.50


【1 Claypot + 1 Rice + 1 Drink Set】- RM8 each

Herbal Chicken

Curry Chicken

Red Wine Chicken

Kacang Ma Chicken

Braised Lotus and Peanut Soup

Claypot Tofu


*Drinks for Set Lunch: Kopi O/Kopi Peng/Teh O/Teh Peng/Fresh Soya Bean (Cold/Hot)


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Herb chicken (6) copy

Lotus soup (5) copy

Tofu copy

Kacang ma (3) copy

Red wine chicken (3) copy



If these drinks aren’t enough to satisfy you, check out the other Fresh options they have:



Winter Melon

Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass Lemon

Chrysanthemum Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea Lemon

Pat Poh Herbal Tea

Peppermint Herbal Tea

Teh C Special

3 Layer Tea

Herbal Tea

Honey Chrysanthemum Tea

Wheat Grass Plus C

Barley Juice

Lemon Juice

Lime Juice

Barley Lemon Juice



So if you wanna have the homey combo of soup, side dishes and chicken rice,【Classic Chicken Rice】in Icom Square is the place to be. For those who are working in the area, this is a great place to visit for lunch because service is quick too~


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They are open everyday from 10am to 7.30pm except for Sunday when it’s from 9am to 5pm. Visit【Classic Chicken Rice】today to get affordable, delicious variety!


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