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【Kuching's First Crystal Grill】U-Garden

By Jing Yi on Sep 30, 2017

What’s the best place for a foodie to hang out with their friends? Definitely at a BBQ/Grill/Steamboat restaurant, right? All you need is a relaxed environment and all-you-can-eat varieties of food!【U-Garden Crystal Grill and Steamboat】located in Song Plaza gives you all that and more~


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What’s that that’s more? Well, let me tell you about the Crystal Grill they use here! If you are someone who loves BBQ, you might sometimes worry about how it’s not really healthy for you if you have too much. Well, no worries, because the Crystal Grill and its score of health benefits are here to put you at ease~ Basically, it’s cleaner, kills bacteria, and doesn’t give out the toxic substances that some grills do from heat! Additionally, it’s also much easier for regular customers to handle the grilling themselves because the heat is so much easier to be controlled~


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But let’s be honest, we’re all here for the food, right? If there aren’t enough choices, it wouldn’t be something you consider for your options! Here at U-Garden, they offer up to 70 dishes, meats, vegetables and snacks for your eating pleasure~ If you consider the price, that’s less than RM0.50 for each thing you get to eat on weekdays!


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When you’re at a BBQ, of course you start with the meat! Our top pick here is their「Beef Slices」. The slices are so thin, it takes 30 seconds on each side to cook till medium rare, which is the best way to have beef after all! The slices are also unflavoured, so it’s entirely up to you how you want them to taste, with the different types of sauces and condiments they offer including U-Garden special sauce, belacan chili sauce, oyster sauce, and more! Other than that, theHoney Lambis a great choice. The Honey Lamb is marinated till sweet. The lamb, when grilled, gives off a super fragrant smell! Other meat selections include: Black Pepper Beef and Lamb, Beef and Chicken Bulgogi, Honey Chicken, Garlic Chicken, Miso Chicken, and Curry Chicken!


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The next thing we want to recommend is this special ingredient:Bamboo Chicken! If you are thinking about ayam pansuh, that’s not it. This Bamboo Chicken is chicken meat paste marinated and offered in two main flavours: Fish Roe and Scallions, inside bamboo tubes. The simple way to eat this is to drop them in the shape of meatballs into the steamboat pot, but we tried grilling them too like tiny burger patties!


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There is also a wide array of「Seafood」choices here: prawns, bamboo clams, mussels, dory fish slices and stingray! With up to 20「Vegetables」including wood ear, mushrooms, bak choi, cauliflower and cabbage, you can even make your own stir-fry. You can find chopped garlic and onion at the sauce corner~ Since they also have eggs, and 3 types of「Noodles」, you can make fried noodles if you’re feeling like you want to show off your cooking skills! If not, they also have Local Stir-fried Noodles, Rice and Vegetables available.


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Lastly, if you’re tired of grilling or cooking, and just want to sit back and relax, there are a lot of readily available dishes for you to munch on. First, there is a section for their「Japanese and Korean menu」. Here, you’ll find Sushis of a few varieties, Edamame (peas), Kombu (seaweed) and even Chawa Mushi! If you’re one for「Fried Snacks」, they have Nuggets, Fried Chicken Satay and Cheesy Hot Dog Rolls to snack on. When you’re ready to wrap up your meal, there are「Desserts」like Toasted Marshmallows and Ice Cream for you to sample~


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Drinks: Jasmine Green Tea, Honey Chrysanthemum Tea, Honey Lime Juice, Pepsi,  7-Up, Iced Lemon Tea and water


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  • Adult - RM33.9
  • Child - RM18  (100-140cm), RM10 (50-99cm)


  • Adult - RM35.9
  • Child - RM19 (100-140cm), RM11 (50-99cm)
  • Special discounts 50% discount for people celebrating their birthdays (must on the actual day)
  • 15% discount for senior citizen aged 60 and above


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So grab your friends and come and eat till full full! You can choose to sit out on the balcony area or the air-conditioned area, either is cooling and comfortable with low-lighting and soft music.  There is no time limit for how long you get to enjoy the buffet, but the restaurant is open from 5pm to 11pm everyday! For reservations, please call: 013-8283881.


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