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Ramadhan Promotions and Opening Hours Adjustment

By Admin on Jun 16, 2016

In conjunction to Ramadhan, several restaurants introduced some special promotions and revised their opening hours in order to welcome our Muslim friends to berbuka while enjoying the meals and the precious moments gathering with their friends and families.

  1. NK Grill Kitchen

Other than the different Ramadhan Bazaar and the Ramadhan Buffet around Kuching, why not berbuka with Halal Western food?


Do take note that the opening hours of NK Grill Kitchen for Ramadhan month will be from 4.30pm to 12.30am



  1. Nuromen Cafe

OR… are you craving for a Hotpot Platter? If you are, head over to Nuromen Cafe! Just top up an additional RM1.00 to get a set of Kurma and Air Bandung to refill vitamins, sugar, minerals, and ENERGY!!




A great dessert is definitely the most important element after a whole day of fasting. What can be more refreshing than a cooling sweet ice cream down your throat? Agree? Wrong~~

COCOPURI added the Kurma & Coconut special flavor for the whole Ramadhan season to enhance the refreshing capability of the ice cold ice creams.


Do note that COCOPURI also revised their opening hours to 4pm to midnight on weekdays, and 2pm to midnight on weekends.



  1. Hilxon’s 21

If you are to berbuka puasa at Vivacity Megamall, hop to Hilxon’s 21 to get your 2nd cup of Yogurt Series drinks at only RM1.10! That’s right! RM1.10 for a second cup of Yogurt Series drinks.

Do not miss this limited time promotion! (Valid from Jun 10th to Jun 30th, from 5pm to 7pm)




  1. Miao Cafe

If you’re a fan of the fish and chips from Miao Cafe, GREAT NEWS for you! You can now berbuka puasa at Miao Cafe because they are now open for dinner (6pm to 10pm)!



  1. Hourglass Café

Hourglass Café adjusted its opening hours to 5pm to 12am daily (Monday OFF) to welcome Muslims patrons to berbuka puasa with them! They also introduced new items on the menu.


No more headaches on your kids running around during meal time! With the wide variety of cereals and board games Hourglass Café offers, you can sit down and enjoy the quality time with your family.



Do you have more places to introduce that we’ve missed? Comment down below and let us know!




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