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【Delicious Hakka Delicacies - The Kuching Style! 】

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Apr 14, 2018

Hakka cuisine, or Kuh-chia cuisine, is the cooking style of the Hakka people. There are now numerous restaurants in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia serving Hakka cuisine. Let us now introduce to you these delectable Hakka dishes that you can find here in Kuching. So read on, and don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE this article with your family and friends.


[Hakka Lo Duck Rice @ 3rd Mile]


Filled with succulence and tantalizing flavours, the Hakka Lo Duck Rice here will take you by surprise with their irresistible poultry. Each bite will lead to a juicy explosion of sweet sensations on your palate, making you grin from ear to ear. The rice too is vibrant and infused with a subtle fragrance to make the entire meal a delicious dish. So if you like eating duck dishes then this plate of Hakka Lo Duck Rice is perfect for you. Plus you don’t have to worry about the gamey duck smell or taste because the meat is fresh! For 2 people portion (Lo Duck + Rice) it’s RM14 whereas for 1 whole Lo Duck it’s RM48.


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[Handmade Noodle 丘家(开福)手工面 @ ABC Food Centre]


Located in ABC Food Centre, this stall’s Hakka Handmade Noodle is truly authentic, and tastes very much like your home (or better yet, your grandma's cooking). Mr Kiew, the stall owner has been in this noodle business for 45 years (26 years in ABC Kopitiam)! Every morning he and his wife wakes up early in the morning to handmade the noodle themselves which takes around 4 hours to prepare. No wonder the noodle is so springy! Topped with well marinated minced pork, crispy pork lard and chopped spring onion, this dish is delightful till the last bite. Besides the Handmade Noodle, you also have to try their Spinach Noodle which is as good as the Handmade Noodle.


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[Hakka Lei Cha @ Sin Sin Park]


For the health conscious, Hakka Lei Cha Rice, which literally translates as “Thunder Rice Tea” in English, is definitely one of the best options for brunch. And I’m sure that many of you have heard or been here to try their authentic Hakka Lei Cha. Their Hakka Lei Cha is loaded with brown rice, toasted nuts, and different greens. But the star of this dish is the green herbal soup which is bitter but good for your health. Nevertheless, no worries because you can request for how bitter you want your Lei Cha to be. Mix the ingredients and soup all up and you'll be exposed to a plethora of flavours, as well as a play of texture. It is fragrant, bitter (based on your preferred level of bitterness), savory, and ultimately, delicious!


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[Mutton Mee @ Nyan Shin Cafe]


Every city or town has a distinctive identity – an obvious one that we care of is of course, food. Kuching for instance, is filled with culinary treasure worth digging into, like the delicious Mutton Mee. Located at Carpenter Street, Nyan Shin Cafe is definitely historical as the business has been handed down for generations. Sinking your teeth in the tender pieces of the mutton is absolute divine while the handmade noodles flooded in the delish broth bring the flavours up a level. Besides the Mutton Mee, Nyan Shin Cafe is also known for their Taiwan Beef Mee and Traditional Hakka Homemade Mee.


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[Meatball Soup & Noodle @ Batu Kawa Old Town]


If you’ve never been to Batu Kawa Old Town then you should because it is definitely a sight to see. Located next to the Batu Kawa Old Town roundabout, is this well-known Meatball Soup & Noodle stall. Their noodle and meatball soup usually finishes fast so make sure you are there early morning. One bowl of noodle is priced at RM3 and one bowl of soup is priced at RM3. As you see in the pictures below, they serve 2 types of soup; Meatball Soup & Meatball + Innards Soup. All of their ingredients are handmade which need around 3 hours to prepare. So come try their Meatball Soup & Noodle and you’ll know how fresh and delicious it is.


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