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【The Taste of Foochow - The Kuching Style!】

By Ashley Sim May Yee on May 5, 2018

Foochow food may not be as popular as Cantonese or Hakka cuisine in Kuching, but the Foochow community here takes great pride in their traditional delicacies. So instead of getting on an airplane or having to drive for hours to Sibu, we managed to hunt down 5 places that serve authentic Foochow food in Kuching. Read on, and don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE this article with your family and friends.


[Kampua Mee @ M.O.M. Food Court]


Fans of Kampua Mee can head here to get your fix of the famous Sibu noodles tossed in lard and topped with thinly sliced pork, fried shallots and spring onions. The noodles are springy and cooked to perfection and the fried shallots are fried just right so you get that sweet onion flavour without a bitter burnt aftertaste. You can have the Kampua Mee in black or white version. For the black version, soy sauce is added to give the Kampua Mee a saltier aroma which is a totally different taste to the white version; the original Kampua Mee.

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[Ding Bian Hu @ Xin Fu Zhou Cafe, 7th Mile]


“Ding Bian Hu” or in Foochow dialect “Diang Miang Ngu” is one of Sibu's specialties besides Kampua Mee and Kompia. The slurry batter is cooked on the sides of the wok, then scraped into the soup and additional ingredients will be added. And you can have it here at Xin Fu Zhou Cafe. For the sizes, Normal is priced at RM6 and Special is priced at RM9. Just look at how packed the bowls are with fresh ingredients such as black fungus, handmade fish balls (马鲛鱼) and more. Delicious and worth it!

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[Kompia @ Sin Chong Choon]


How can we forget this iconic Sibu dish? KOMPIAS! Sibu's signature food and most popular pastry. And you don’t have to go on a road trip to Sibu just to devour them! Bring your family & friends to Sin Chong Choon and spot for the Kompia stall. The kompias here are delicious and hot-out-of-the-wok! The bagel like buns with sesame seeds on top and filled with fillings of minced pork in the middle are perfect for breakfast and afternoon tea. Sinful but yum!

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[Red Wine Chicken Soup Mee Sua @ The Best Corner]


Comforting, compelling and constantly unrecognised – Mee Sua is a delightful dish that hasn’t enjoyed a fair share of fame in the noodle scene. Presumptuously saying - a good bowl of Mee Sua can stand against the most sinful and hyped noodles out there. The Red Wine Chicken Soup Mee Sua here at The Best Corner hits the mark with smooth noodles soaking up the savoury and slightly alcoholic red concoction and tender drumstick which doubles your satisfaction.

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[Foochow Mee @ You & Tea Cafe]


As Malaysians, we take pride in having such amazing and diverse cultures and delicacies that can be shared with by everyone, and one of these delicacies would have to be the infamous, Foochow Mee. A good plate of fried Chinese noodles isn’t just about adding in the right amount of ingredients; but also the way the dish is cooked. Straight off the wok, the yellow noodles, fish balls, meat and more ingredients in murky gravy is definitely worth polishing the plate clean.

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