[Kuching Festival]

[STALL 29 Penang Yam Char Kueh @ Kuching Festival]

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Jul 28, 2018

Char Kueh, a quintessential hawker dish that is loved by many. This irresistible dish definitely delivers on all accounts – sweet, spicy, crunchy, chewy, salty and most importantly it does wonders to your taste buds. So if you’re hunting for Char Kueh at Kuching Festival, then head over to Stall 29 which is located just next to the main entrance. We’re sure you would be drawn in immediately with the alluring smoky aroma that brings you over to this bustling stall.


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Stall 29 serves 10 flavors of Char Kueh; Original, Sambal, Salty + Sweet + Spicy, Chili Mayo, Bean Sprout, Thai Style, Mayonnaise, Sweet + Salty, and Sweet flavor for RM6 whereas Durian flavor for RM9. What’s special about the Char Kueh at Stall 29 is that they use Penang yam as the kueh instead of white radish. Pretty special don’t you think? Plus they even serve Durian flavor which you can’t usually find in hawker stalls.


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So if you’re going to Kuching Festival tonight, make sure you head to Stall 29 to try their delicious Char Kueh. Just take a mouthful and you'll understand all the hype!


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