[Kuching Festival]

[STALL 95 & 96 Hometown BBQ Chicken Stall @ Kuching Festival]

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Jul 28, 2018

Attention all Kuchingites! Great news because Hometown BBQ Chicken Stall is back again this year at Kuching Festival! And if you have never tried their Fried Chicken before, you should! It’s DELICIOUS, AROMATIC and will make you want MORE! It’s definitely the epitome of a sinful meal. Kids love it, adults love it, we love it!


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Hometown BBQ Chicken Stall is known to be famous in Shilin Night Market in Taiwan. So what makes their fried chicken such a crowd favorite? First of all, the sight of the fried chicken itself is mouth-watering enough to make you crave for one. Then there’s the sensational feeling of crackling sound upon every bite on the crispy skin, right before you indulge deeper into the tender white meat. Salivating now aren’t you? And what makes it even special is that it's charcoal grilled. The ingredients are all fresh and the fried chicken is coated with seasoning powder of your liking. Delicious and super addictive!


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So come on over to Kuching Festival and grab your crispy fried chicken now at Stall 95 & 96!