[Kuching Festival]

[Insta-worthy Dessert @ STALL 131A My Watermelon]

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Aug 2, 2018

Kuching has been really hot and humid nowadays and an ice cream and a nice cold fruit is definitely a welcome relief. That’s why Stall 131A My Watermelon at Kuching Festival has got you covered with the perfect combination - and it looks good too!

Behold, watermelon milk ice cream served in fresh watermelon and topped with miniature hand-cut chocolate ‘seeds’ to finish. It’s all the refreshing sweetness of ice cream and watermelon rolled into one, and it looks super cute too! What an INSTA-WORTHY treat!

So come beat the heat at Kuching Festival by getting Stall 131A My Watermelon’s sweet treat! So refreshing, so worth it!

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