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[Slurpilicious Noodles @ DOT CHIMIAN Dian Du De 點都德]

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Aug 24, 2018

Comforting, filling, and full of flavors – these are the best words to describe the selection of noodles at DOT CHIMIAN Dian Du De 點都德. Located at Song Plaza, Dian Du De is always flocked with locals, especially returning customers. During peak hours, expect a huge throng of hungry audience and just remind yourself, good things come to those who wait. What’s special about eating here is that you can have your noodles while drinking alcohol. A glass of Whisky with a bowl of heartwarming noodles for lunch/dinner? YES PLEASE!


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Boasting nothing but chill vibes and a rustic interior, Dian Du De is perfect for lunch/dinner or simply a laid back afternoon spent with friends. The restaurant’s rustic appeal will definitely look great on your Instagram feed! So snap a few photos while you dine there. They even play classic Chinese songs which makes the restaurant’s ambiance even more relaxing. Dian Du De offers alcohol drinks such as Whisky, Cognac, and Beer. For Whisky, they have Singleton Signature, Oban 14 Years, J.W Gold Label, and more. They do serve Singleton by glass too if you do not want to get the whole bottle. As for Cognac, they have Hennessy V.S and for beer, Tiger Draught and Fresh Shandy. So planning on drinking? Then sit at the bar and enjoy sipping your Whisky slowly while soaking in the relaxing vibe.


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There are 4 types of noodles at Dian Du De, which are Classic Pork Noodle, Beef Noodle, Chicken Floss Noodle, and ShaCha Noodle. We recommend all 4 of them because they are just that GOOD!


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The Classic Pork Noodle is a slurpy goodness! A delectable dish giving you one of the most porkalicious taste in Kuching. The springy noodles are topped with fragrant minced pork, crispy fried garlic, spring onions, and finely chopped preserved vegetables. The dish also comes with a bowl of flavorful soup. Take one mouthful and you will feel a plethora of flavors bursting in your mouth!


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This piping hot bowl of Beef Noodles is exactly what you need to get past a dull day. Served in a hearty and fragrant soup base, your knees may very well grow weak just by its aroma. The noodles are smooth and bouncy while the juicy beef cuts give your palate an umami sensation. Needless to mention, it comes in a generous portion too. With crispy fried garlic thrown in, this dish is the perfect epitome of a daily dose of life’s delights.


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Another one of Dian Du De’s recommended noodles is the Chicken Floss Noodle. It’s pretty unique since you can’t find this kinda dish in Kuching. Since chicken floss is already delicious on its own, adding them on springy noodles very much makes it 2x the tastiness. Topped with chicken floss, chicken strips, coriander, spring onions, fried shallots, and sprinkled with sesame seeds, this Chicken Floss noodle is definitely a pleasure to the tastebuds.


Chicken Floss Noodle (1) copy

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Last but not least, one of our favorites, the ShaCha Noodle. We’re pretty sure many of you are a big fan of Ngoh Hiang, because we definitely are! The ngoh hiang of this Sha Cha Noodle is fried till crispy on the outside, while the interior is gorgeously moist and melt-in-the-mouth. As for the noodles, they are cooked with thick, fragrant shacha sauce which makes the dish super aromatic and full of flavors.  


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So come on over to DOT CHIMIAN Dian Du De 點都德 today with your family/friends/colleagues to try their delicious and heartwarming noodles.  


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