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The Top 10 Stalls of the first week is out!

By Admin on Aug 6, 2016

The Top 10 Stalls of the first week is out! Which stalls do you think is on the Top 10 list of the week? Let’s find out!! (The order below does not directly imply the ranks of each stall in the Top 10 ranking)


  1. Stall 52 - B3ar 21/Paku

The first thing that comes to your mind when we say “Toast” is either sandwiches or toasted bread. But have you ever tried “Pocket Toast”? A small ‘pocket’ is made and is filled with different flavours from around the world. Kimchi from Korea, Creme Brulee of France, Japanese Curry from Japan, and more! Other than being innovative and all, the owners of B3ar 21 is also considerate. Why? Because they know that visitors of Kuching Festival wants to try as many different food as they can, hence they make the Pocket Toast as ‘pocket’ as possible, leaving more space in your tummy for other delicious food in the food fair.



  1. Stall 196 - Thailand Coconut Ice Cream (Coolala)

Musang King Durian Ice Cream, Butter Ice Cream, Salted Fish Ice Cream, and Salted Egg Ice Cream? Have you tried all these flavours? I bet you can’t find the Salted Fish Ice Cream anywhere else in Kuching, and I bet you cannot imagine the taste before you actually tried one. It is a flavour that you must try! After trying the salted fish, you should continue with the salted egg flavour, every bite is will blow your mind. When it comes to being mind blowing, let’s not forget the infamous Musang King Durian Ice Cream. The ice cream contains actual durian flesh! Just remember to hold your belch or to release it when there’s nobody around. XD



  1. Stall 175A – Dayak BBQ

BBQ can be found all over Kuching at many many restaurants and kopitiam, so what makes it so special that this BBQ stall made it into our Top 10? Well, they said they added a SPECIAL ingredient while marinating, but sadly they refuse to tell us what. Lend us your taste buds and let us know what is that SPECIAL ingredient ya~ Remember to share your thoughts in the app’s News Feed!


  1. Stall 75 – Eggtart Workshop

I believe this Eggtart Workshop requires no further introduction. Why? Well….. They are already very famous before the festival starts, and they have super long queue every single day. And….. they have numerous customer already waiting and asking even before they starts? Have you tried their latest Matcha Cheese tarts?



  1. Stall 208B – Fortune Bag

Deep fried dumpling that is filled with fresh Salmon or Oyster? This is not served at fine-dining restaurants, but a stall at Kuching Festival!!! Can you believe that? My taste buds can! I can even feel my saliva overflowing as I recall the dumpling. This is something that you must try!! The dumpling is topped with mayonnaise and scallion, elevating the texture to a whole new level. Think I am exaggerating? Try once and you will agree with me.


  1. Stall 185 – JFO

Haven’t tried Fried Japanese Onigiri before? No problem! Just visit JFO!!

The onigiri has a crispy exterior after being deep fried and the interior is filled with sushi rice added with some barley. Yes, they onigiri is made of a mixture of sushi rice and barley. The barley added a special texture and a natural sweetness to the onigiri. They prepared 10 different flavours for you to choose from, and I can tell you this, you can definitely taste the harmony of the different layers and materials no matter what flavours you choose.



They also have this UNIQUE Raindrop cake, but.. Pssst pssst… they cannot sell that cake at the stall due to some management restriction, so head over to the bus stop opposite of the entrance and you will find them there.



  1. Stall 125B – Nasi Lemak Ice Cream

When a famous local delight meets ice cream, a whole new experience for your taste buds is born! Using Coconut flavoured ice cream to replace the coconut based rice in typical nasi lemak, and topped with Ikan Bilis and Sambal, mmm mmmm…! Heavenly! We strongly recommend that you try this!



  1. Stall 209B – Panda

Ah!!! Cheese Ball!!! Dear Cheese Lovers, you MUST try this! Miss this food in this festival and regret for the rest of your life! Or, maybe until Kuching Festival next year. Or maybe not! XD The exterior of the Cheese Ball is crispy and may not look as amazing, but wait until you take a bite! The cheese ball is so full of cheese that you will scream on the top of your lungs. To add on more cheeeeesy flavours, the cheese balls is topped with a choice of Cheese Sauce or Cheese Powder. Both choices of topping produces two very different textures. So, what to do other than buying twice?



  1. Stall 210A- R 7012

Fans of Running Man will definitely know this number, 7012. In Kuching Festival this year is stall R-7012 that is selling, you guessed it, Korean food! Korean Ramyeon, Kimbab, Korean Egg Roll is available here! However, there is a must try dish at this stall, the Korean Hot & Spicy Fried Noodles. The texture is just like that of a ramyeon, but the spiciness………… You go and challenge and then you will know.

Also, if you order the Korean Hot & Spicy Fried Noodles, you can get a very cute Running Man luggage tag! =P

  1. Stall 222 Volcano Ice

Ice cream topped with Salmon sashimi and wasabi? NANI???? Yes! That’s right! What’s more is that the ice cream… glows in the dark. But worry not, you are not consuming any chemicals. The glowing effect of the ice cream is due to that the ice cream is made of Vitamin B. After you ordered the ice cream you can go into a small room that is decorated very nicely and the effect of the glow will be more visible. You can enjoy your sweet time with your dearest while enjoying the unique flavours of the ice cream.