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[A Gastronomic Mother’s Day Dinner!] @ Hawker Times

By Ashley Sim May Yee on May 2, 2019

In honor of someone so exceptional, Hawker Times will play host to all mothers by putting together a gastronomic Mother’s Day Dinner for the whole month of May. The whole family can gather to celebrate this wonderful occasion over a heartwarming meal of mouth-watering dishes. Take note that if you are interested in this Mother’s Day Dinner, you will have to call Hawker Times (012-8528988) or send a message to their Facebook Page (Hawker Times) to book 2 days in advance.




The chef at Hawker Times have curated a six-course Asian dinner menu to celebrate our favorite women, which includes culinary masterpiece such as the Crispy Philippine Pork Leg. The course is priced at RM150 for 6-8 pax, which we think is worth it for Mum! Pictured below are the dishes that will be served.





Deep Fried Black Pomfret w/ Assam Sauce: A spicy & tangy Malaysian fish dish that is sure to whet your appetite. Feast on it with lots of steamed rice.


Deep Fried Black Pomfret w Assam Sauce (1)

Deep Fried Black Pomfret w Assam Sauce (2)


Stir Fry Chinese Chives: Sometimes the best dishes are the simplest ones. This delicious stir fry chinese chives is a perfect example.



Supreme Pork Ribs: Tender and flavorful, this dish is guaranteed a crowd pleaser.


Supreme Pork Ribs (1)


Sea Cucumber Soup: This Sea Cucumber Soup is a very simple dish that every Chinese family can relate and enjoy. It is not only flavorful but also has high nutritional value.


Sea Cucumber Soup (2)


Claypot Seafood & Tofu: This Claypot Seafood & Tofu will guaranteed to be your all-time favorite dish because of its savoury gravy that goes very well with rice.


Claypot Seafood & Tofu (1)


Crispy Philippine Pork Leg: A famous Filipino pork dish, it is the holy grail for all hardcore carnivores out there; crispy on the outside, and the moment you bite through the skin, you’ll find the meat soft and tender. For some added flavor, you can dip your pork leg into the sweet-hot dipping sauce.


Crispy Philippine Pork Leg (1)

Crispy Philippine Pork Leg (2)


So bring your mother, grandmother, and auntie to Hawker Times for dinner this 12th May to celebrate this joyous occasion together. Last but not least, Hawker Times & Teaspoon would like to wish all mothers a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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