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Cheese & Tea Meal Delivery!

By Ashley Sim May Yee on May 14, 2019

ATTENTION Kuchingnites! Now you can get your Cheese & Tea craving fixed at home or work by ordering through our Teaspoon Delivery! And if you have no idea what food to order, don’t fret! Just check out these 3 dishes recommended by our editor.


[1] Cheese w/ Black Pepper Chicken (Baked Macaroni)


Dishes taste a lot better when you put cheese on them, amirite? If you’re a cheese lover, then you’ll surely love this dish. I’m certain that this Cheese w/ Black Pepper Chicken (Baked Macaroni) will melt your heart and make your taste buds happy. You can opt for the Baked Rice too. And if you’re someone who likes a bit more heat, just add a few drops of Tabasco sauce to give that extra “pop” in flavor. One mouthful, and you will taste a plethora of flavors bursting in your mouth!


Cheese w Black Pepper Chicken (Baked Macaroni) (1) copy

Cheese w Black Pepper Chicken (Baked Macaroni) (2) copy


[2] Mee Mamak


For those who crave Mee Mamak, I feel you. Like you, I enjoy the rich and savoury taste of the noodles, coupled with some tinge of spiciness and a squeeze of lime. It should also be a little smoky. The Mee Mamak here is packed with a good load of flavor from the sauce and smokiness from the wok. It is then finished with a squeeze of lime that helps lift and lighten the richness of the noodles. In short, it is simple and tasty.


Mee Mamak (1) copy


[3] Kampung Style Fried Rice


Fried rice, the all in one package that will certainly satisfy one's hunger with ease. It's the ultimate meal when time isn't on your side, but putting aside the convenient benefits, the fried rice is one dish that is full on fragrant and scrumptious. The Kampung Style Fried Rice here is fried along with a generous amount of chicken, eggs and vegetables. Simple and tasty, it is the perfect comfort food.


Kampung Style Fried Rice (1) copy

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