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Kuching Festival Top 10 Foods of Week 2!!

By Admin on Aug 13, 2016

For the Top 10 of the second week, other than just calculating the number of posts, we took some more external factors into consideration. Nonetheless, these are also some of the must try food in Kuching Festival 2016!

Now, how many of the foods listed in the Teaspoon Top 10 that you haven’t tried? Let’s find out!


1. Stall 91 - Mongolian Master

Mongolian Master is definitely one of the main player in Kuching Festival, and not only of the year 2016, but also for the previous years. Have you tried their food this year? If you haven’t be sure to try out their Jumbo Lamb Stick and the Jumbo Pork Stick. If you have, go and buy another one!


2. Stall 44 - Fried Fresh Milk and Bomberyaki

What is a Bomberyaki? Well, according to the lady-boss, it is actually an upgraded version of Takoyaki, minus the ‘tako’ but added with tons of other ingredients and is increased in size!


3. Stall 25 - Squid King

If you’ve been to this stall, you will definitely notice the super long~~~~~~ queue in front of this stall. If you think this is just another ordinary fried squid, YOU ARE WRONG! One bite, ONE bite is all it takes to prove you wrong.


4. Stall 150A - Churros Helado

How many of you tried Churros before? I’ve never, to be honest, but when I tried it the other day, it blew my mind! The Churros itself is already extraordinary, but when mixed with ice creams it brings it again to a whole new level. It is also very pretty looking! However, do note that it is kiiiiinda sweet.


5. Stall 170B - Donut Ice Cream (TheOri’DreamCone)

We’re used to having ice cream with sugar or waffle cone, but what happens when the sugar cone is replaced with donut cones? You get TheOri’DreamCone. The Donut Cone is coated with cinnamon sugar, filled with ice cream, and is topped with different toppings. TheOri’DreamCone is also very thoughtful since they will give you a temporary glove so that you can save yourself the trouble of having need to clean your hand after holding the cinnamon sugar coated donut cone.


6. Stall 161 - KK Puffle Cone Ice Cream

Another interesting food in the food fair 2016 is this, KK Puffle Cone Ice Cream.


A simple egg waffle added with a new “twist”, accompanied with different flavours of ice cream, to create another long-queued food stall. But fear not, as you will be given a number and the boss is working at top speed preparing the egg waffles. Tear apart a piece of the waffle, scoop a little ice cream with it, and put it in your mouth... Satisfaction? Guaranteed!


7. Stall 51B - Mr & Mrs Fruit Ice Cream

Without doubt, most of you will say the stall with the more popular ice cream will be the other stall. But, I must say that both stalls have their own specialty. Similar, but different. And don’t disagree with me until you tried both. As an ice cream and cold desserts lover myself, I dare the fruit ice cream of this stall is DELICIOUS!!!!!


And… what’s this? Familiar faces! Congratulations for getting the Top 10 stalls for both weeks!


8. Stall 125B – Nasi Lemak Ice Cream

How many of you still don’t dare to try? I dare you!


9. Stall 185 – JFO

Raindrop Cake. Look at it.


Aren’t you just curious as of what it tastes like? But, now that you are curious, I can only tell you that it cannot be found at the stall. BUT!!! You have to go to the bus-stop opposite of the main entrance of the festival. They only sell limited amount every day, and if you like, you could even make reservations through Whatsapp to 010-9665566.


10. Stall 52 - B3ar 21/Paku

A compact and cute looking toast with many different flavours! How many of all these flavours have you tried? Not yet try all???? Really???? What are you waiting for? Go and grab another one tonight!!