[Kuching Festival]

[Hotteok! BTS’ Favorite! So Flippin’ Good!] @ Stall 72 Korean Hotteok (Kuching Festival 2019)

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Jul 28, 2019

Are you a huge K-pop fan? If you are, then we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of “Hotteok” before. And did you know this Korean dessert is BTS’ favorite too? Curious to try one now? Then head to Stall 72 Korean Hotteok at Kuching Festival tonight; ‘cos why fly to Korea when you can taste one at our beloved city’s annual food festival.


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Stall 72 serves 2 types of hotteok, Seoul Hotteok (Original flavor: almonds & brown sugar) and Love Hotteok (Rose flavor). The Love Hotteok actually shaped like a heart and has a pink-ish color to it so make sure you Instagram it first before devouring the dessert. Texture-wise, the korean pancake is tenderly chewy due to the glutinous rice flour. Even though there is no winter in Malaysia, the hot and sweet hotteok will definitely warm your heart! So make sure you eat it while it’s hot. 


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Thus, anyone who wants to try hotteok must not miss this chance! Bring your family & friends to Stall 72 Korean Hotteok at Kuching Festival tonight to try this delicious Korean dessert!