[Kuching Festival]

[Filipino Flavors In The Heart Of Kuching!] @ Stall 64B (Kuching Festival 2019)

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Jul 31, 2019

Filipino food draws inspiration from different international cuisines. Coupled with the inherently unique Pinoy flavors and cooking techniques that have evolved through the decades, it’s no longer a surprise that Filipino food is gaining recognition worldwide. Craving for Filipino food? Then head to Stall 64B Manila Street Food at Kuching Festival tonight.


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We highly recommend Stall 64B’s Halo-Halo dessert. Unfamiliar with halo-halo? Think of this traditional Filipino dessert as a shaved-ice sundae. Each ingredient plays a role in crafting a treat that’s both delicious and refreshing, making it the perfect dessert. So after devouring so much high sodium food in Kuching Festival, we suggest you to stop by Stall 64B to get their halo-halo to quench your thirst. 


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Longganisa is another Filipino food that is popular throughout the country. You can this Filipino homemade sausage here too at Stall 64B. We’re pretty sure the striking crimson color will stop you in your tracks when you first come across it. 


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So head to Stall 64B Manila Street Food at Kuching Festival tonight with your family & friends to try their Filipino food.


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