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Everyday is a good day for catching Pokemons! Including Monday!

By Admin on Aug 15, 2016

The best way of getting recharged is to eat! But please don’t eat a battery, we’re not Pikachu. How many of you are still looking for a place to hangout, enjoy a delicious meal, and catch Pokémon at the same time? I am!!


We are going to list out some restaurants, kopitiams, and even food courts with pokestops nearby so that you could sit down, enjoy your meal, and catch your Pokémon, while not having to worry running out of Pokeballs from catching all those Ratatas and Pidgeys.


Tarot Café (Jalan Kereta Api)


Juniper (Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho)


The G Café (Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho)

We previously mentioned that The G Café offered vouchers that are only available at Teaspoon with conjunction with their launching of their new items. So you, not only can enjoy their delicious food at a discounted price with the Vouchers, you may also catch tons of Pokémon if the boss decided to put a lure module there, which he did just recently.


Living Aquatic & Cafe (Cityone Megamall)

Pictures from Living Aquatic & Café’s Facebook page


My Little Kitchen (Friendship Park)

Friendship Park is definitely one of the hotspot for catching Pokémon, but do you also know My Little Kitchen is famous for its meatballs? Throwing Pokeballs while eating Meatballs? Sounds like a perfect match for me!

Photo of Meatballs taken from My Little Kitchen’s Facebook page


The Spring Shopping Mall

Not only there are tons of restaurants in the mall, the spring management even is even offering you mystery gift if you screenshot any Pokémon in the mall. The Spring will even put lure modules, if they feel like doing it.

Photo of this signboard is credited to @KH See


Cha Café, Rusty Bean and Batter, & The Library (ST3)

What better place to hangout at night other than ST3? There’s the phenomenal tea and desserts from the Cha Café, irresistible waffle and ice cream from Dots Café, mouthwatering array of menu from Rusty Bean and Batter, and of course The Library with its new items on the menu!


Food Hunters Cafe (Hills Shopping Mall)


Lau Ya Geng (Carpenter Street)

If you’re one of the loyal visitors of Lau Ya Geng, I’m pretty sure you know that there’s a pokestop at the Shang Ti Temple directly opposite. Find a seat, enjoy your lunch and dinner, and catch all those Pokémon appearing. And from my personal experience visiting the place quite often, generous people are constantly popping their lure modules there!


Kopicut (Wayang Street)

Get yourself a haircut to look sharp, and then fill your tummy at Kopicut before starting your journey becoming the Pokémon Master!


Mango Tree (Jalan Crookshank)

If you know any more places with lots of pokestop, or you are a restaurant or café owner and there is pokestop at or nearby your place, comment down below and share with us!!