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[A Modern China Tea Shop Like No Other!] @ Oriental Tea Modern China Tea Shop 茶颜观色 (Saradise BDC)

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Sep 2, 2019

Located in Saradise, “Oriental Tea Modern China Tea Shop 茶颜观色” is a brand hailing from China. If you’re a tea lover, then you should definitely visit this Chinese themed tea shop as they pride themselves in quality and authentic tea. 




Once you’ve stepped inside, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful decor. The whole place gives off that China ambience with its ceiling filled with around 80 colorful Chinese paper umbrellas. There is also a striking mural that features an elegant Chinese lady which makes a peaceful backdrop for this Chinese themed tea shop. Another unique feature about this place is the wishing tree that is filled with wishing tree tags written by customers. 





Oriental Tea serves plenty of delicious drinks and yummy desserts. They have different kinds of drinks series such as “Milk Smoothie Dirty Series”, “Fresh Fruit Cheese Tea Series”, “Fresh Fruit Tea Series”, “Oriental Cream Tea Series”, and more. Oriental Tea uses tea bag to brew their tea. You can choose the tea’s sweetness level and temperature without affecting its original taste. As for their fresh milk, they use “Anchor” brand. One of their recommended drinks is the “Oriental Black Tea w/ Cream & Walnuts”. The whipped cream on top turns the black tea into a rich and luscious drink, which surprisingly mixes well too. Just one sip, and you can taste the aroma of the black tea.  










So “jio” your family and friends to “Oriental Tea Modern China Tea Shop 茶颜观色” tonight to try their variety of drinks. Make sure you Instagram your drinks and desserts before devouring them! 

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