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[The Ultimate Guide To Bubble Teas In Kuching! (Part 2)] @ Saradise BDC

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Sep 4, 2019

So, y’all have read part 1 of our “The Ultimate Guide To Bubble Teas In Kuching”. And we’re certain you “jio-ed” your friends & family to try the bubble tea places we listed out at Saradise BDC. Now, are you ready for part 2? Check it out. Don’t forget to give this post a THUMBS UP and SHARE it with your friends & family!


[Kch Milk Tea-01]


- TeaPack 茶庫

Kuching established bubble tea brand, “TeaPack 茶庫” boasts of its luscious and chewy bubble tea balls. One of their signature drinks is the “Cheezo Brown Sugar Milk w/ Pearl”. The drink has a nice blend of creamy fresh milk drizzled with brown sugar syrup which is topped with a rich cheese layer foam. Interior-wise, very minimalist. The monochrome colors makes the place cozy-looking which is perfect for gathering or dating. Students can even study there as the place is brightly-lit.


Teapack (0)

Teapack (1)

Teapack (2)

Teapack (3)

Teapack (4)


- Oriental Tea Modern China Tea Shop 茶颜观色

Located in Saradise, “Oriental Tea Modern China Tea Shop 茶颜观色” is a brand hailing from China. If you’re a tea lover, then you should definitely visit this Chinese themed tea shop as they pride themselves in quality and authentic tea. One of their recommended drinks is the “Oriental Black Tea w/ Cream & Walnuts”. The whipped cream on top turns the black tea into a rich and luscious drink, which surprisingly mixes well too. Just one sip, and you can taste the aroma of the black tea. Interior-wise, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful decor.


Oriental Tea (1)

Oriental Tea (2)

Oriental Tea (3)


- Regiustea
Pioneering in cold brewed cheese tea, “Regiustea” is the first tea shop to serve a combination of cold brewed tea and cheese in Malaysia. One of their signature drinks is the “Uji Matcha Cheese” which is a MUST TRY! Using top grade matcha, you can really taste its quality. You have to drink the cheese layer foam on top first which will leave you with a cute cheese-stache. Taste-wise, smooth, creamy and surprisingly pairs well with the matcha. Interior-wise, very cozy. Don’t be surprised to see quite a number of students gather to study there. 


Regiustea (1)

Regiustea (2)

Regiustea (3)

Regiustea (4)

Regiustea (5)

Regiustea (6)

Regiustea (7)


- 奉茶 Fengcha

This insta-worthy fruit tea shop is a MUST VISIT due to its differences from the other bubble tea shops. Interior-wise, very chic. The pink and golden interior makes it the perfect place for gatherings or dating. One of their recommended drinks is the “Mango Meets The Little Balls”. Very refreshing and the sweetness is just right.


Fengcha (1)

Fengcha (2)

Fengcha (3)

Fengcha (5)

Fengcha (4)


- 恶魔鸡排 Devil Chicken Malaysia 
Famous for its juicy fried chicken, “Devil Chicken Malaysia” has bubble tea too. One of their recommended drinks is the “Black Sugar Bubble Milk Tea Oreo Cream Cheese” which is a MUST TRY! Savour the deliciousness of the rich black sugar bubble tea which is topped with a thick layer of cream cheese and crunchy pieces of oreos. Interior-wise, very cozy; perfect for gatherings. 


Devil Malaysia (1)

Devil Malaysia (2)

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