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[Let’s Feel The Love Tonight!] @ 5201314奶茶旗舰店

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Oct 30, 2019



If you find yourself falling for a Chinese boy or a girl, but are on the shy side, you can always express your emotions with a cute number-sms: 520 (wu五 er二 ling零 – which almost sounds like “wo我ai爱 ni你” = I LOVE YOU) and then 1314 (yi一 san三 yi一 si四 – which sounds like “yi一 sheng生 yi一 shi世” = ALWAYS AND FOREVER). Another alternative is to just “jio” him/her to “5201314奶茶旗舰店” for a bubble tea date! The BIGGEST and MOST BEAUTIFUL bubble tea shop in Kuching! And, the 1st bubble tea shop that has robots as servers! Pretty cool, huh?







Located at Gala City facing the main road, 5201314奶茶旗舰店 has a double-height interior. Step inside and be wow-ed by the futuristic design. Every corner of the shop is so INSTA-WORTHY! Wanna take selfies with your date, your OOTD, or your drinks? Just snap away! We’re certain your photos will turn out fetching too due to the glass walls as they allow ample of natural light into the shop. Its spaciousness gives off a relaxed vibe too. If you wish to have some privacy, you can go up to the 2nd floor via the lift. On the 2nd floor there are a few couple seats as well as many stuffed toys which can be used as props. The pink interior of the 2nd floor makes the space looks very chic too. Moving on to the robots, they are known as “Amy-Trackless Robot Waiter”. What they do is to bring drinks to your table. They have LED facial expressions as well that can express happiness, sadness, and they do cry if they made mistakes. 
















5201314奶茶旗舰店 offers a variety of drink series such as hot drinks, cheese, fresh fruit tea, star ice, fresh milk, soda, yogurt, and theme of 5201314. They serve toothsome cakes as well. Pictured below are the drinks they recommended us: Cheese Brulee Cake Milk Tea, Turn Around With Strawberry, Honey Miss You (Pomelo), Song of Fire Ice, and May All Your Wish Come True (Orange). Drinks are very refreshing. We were given chocolate cake and strawberry cake as well. The moisture of the cakes are very pleasing to the palate. 












So what are you waiting for? “Jio” your date tonight to 5201314奶茶旗舰店 for a bubble tea date! But if you have no date, no worries. 5201314奶茶旗舰店 is a great place for friends & family gathering as well! 


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