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European Bistro with Best Cocktail in Kuching!

By Kho Jia Yuan on Dec 21, 2019


Lost in Kuching with great meals and cocktail@PERDU. A European dishes restaurant that followed the concept of French hidden bar, by the owner of the restaurant, Mr Goh, who studied in the UK and stopped by a bar in Newcastle, and decided to open a bistro in Padungan to serve customers with great delicacies of foods and cocktail best for friends gathering!










'PERDU', which mean 'lost' and 'hidden' in French. You might not notice the Perdu Bistro if you come across the Padungan street. It's a 3-storey building with the 1st floor to be the function room and private room serving.







Foods in the Perdu featuring European dishes which is a mix of Spanish, Italian and French cuisine. Less MSG and salt added in the food but it still tastes good! Perdu also provide a wide selection of cocktails, from Tequila to Mojito, you name it! All mix with passion and power to serve you the best cocktail! Enjoy the food and cocktails with friend give the best chilling environment!





[SEAFOOD PAELLA] A big pot of Seafood Paella, meant to be sharing with friends and family! To enjoy the better flavour, you may use the mussel as the utensil to enjoy the Paella!





[French Onion Soup] No sugar added French Onion Soup, taste good still! Given the effects of antioxidants, anti-aging, prevent inflammation, lower the risks of heart attack, everyone loves it!





[Grilled Italian Chicken Chop] & [Chicken Parm], the signature Italian dishes favour by most customers.Grilled Italian Chicken Chop is served with exclusive special sauce;Chicken Parm is grilled and served with special spices and parmesan cheese.






[Meatball Pasta] This is for pasta lover! Fresh tomatoes sauce and the BIG juicy meatball form the perfect Meatball Pasta!





[Fish & Chips] Crispy but tender inside, no fishy smell at all. Served with tasty mayonnaise and french fries.




[Fried Chicken Skin] The Ultimate Secret Weapon of Perdu, crispy just like keropok!





[Cheesy Chicken Skin] Perdu fried chicken skin with extra thick cheesy sauce, definitely make you 'wow'





[Cocktail of the month] Specially mix cocktail of the month for cocktail lover! New flavour introduced each month! Make sure you don't miss it!



cocktail four seasons


cocktail rainbow-02


Perdu Bistro is not only suitable for friends and family gathering, but also good to have your birthday party or event here! Foods and cocktails never failed you for a great party!





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