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Australian Style Western? Maze Restaurant!

By L3Dah on Oct 7, 2016



 Maze Restaurant, located at Jalan Kapor is definitely difficult to find for most people. But once you found the place, I can guarantee you that an awesome dinner is on it's way onto your plate. 




The Head Chef, Vincent pays a lot of attention to every single details of every dish, from the protein to the sides, every dish is prepared in a way that they are all unique. We can say that the dishes here is not something that you can find at other Western cuisine restaurants in Kuching. Vincent used to serve at a French Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. After several years of exposure to Western cuisine, Vincent is now back in Kuching to serve you extraordinary Western Cuisine with an Aussie twist.


Why ‘Maze’ of all names? The owner said because it is kinda difficult to find since it is very well hidden. So let’s start complete this maze and hunt for great foods, starting… NOW!


Steakn’ Fries!  




This steak was an from Australian beef before it was put on the pan to sear to an extraordinary medium rare. As you drizzle the red wine sauce and take a slice of the beef into your mouth, you will be blown to cloud nine. The sides is also no ordinary fries as they are drizzled with a touch of vinegar to add some acidity and elevating the fries. And wait, that’s not all there is to this dish because even the broccoli and cauliflower is specially prepared. By adding lemon juice and garlic to the veggies, what used to be a nightmare for kids is now a heavenly sides for your steak.


If you don feel like having a heavy protein or your main course, consider this dish, the Australian Salmon.




The salmon is accompanied by this hand made Tomato Puree that has just the right amount of acidity to increase your appetite. What the tomato puree also does is that it elevates the salmon by adding an extra layer of flavour to the nicely seared salmon. If you think that the single piece of salmon won’t be filling your stomach, well let’s not forget about the roasted potato that goes alongside the salmon.


If you are a fan of pork, then you would appreciate the Pork Belly very much.




The Pork Belly is braised and then the skin is roasted to provide a crunchy texture at the skin of a soft braised pork belly. The pork belly is so soft that you can almost feel the pork belly melting in your mouth. The dish comes with beans and a poached egg so that you wont get tired of only eating the pork belly.


Next up is the Quarter Chicken.




The specialty of this dish is the sauce. The sauce is very rich and pairs really well with the chicken. This is definitely one of the must have at Maze.


You will notice that they have only one salad. So, what’s so special about this salad? I’m glad you asked. The Salad comes with Pan Seared Salmon bits, Spanish onion, Croutons, Cherry Tomatoes, and a piece of 63c sous vide egg. When you mix them all together, the salad becomes very smooth and delicious!



 Last up is the Loaded Fries. Loaded, as in loaded with tons of other ingredients such as pulled Beef, Sweet Corn, and Melted Cheese! The Loaded Fries is also loaded with a spicy tomato gravy that will add a ‘punch’ to the already rich flavour.



 If there’s food, there’ll also be drinks!


Lychee Yakult Soda

z drinks (10)


Green Apple Matcha

z drinks (6)


Berry Velvet

z drinks (7)



z drinks (12)


Among these 4, we love Lychee Yakult Soda the most. The first contact the drink made with your mouth brings a rich lychee flavour, followed by the yakult, and immediately with an explosive impact from the soda.


z drinks (3)


Invite your friends and complete this maze for the reward is superb food prepared with supreme attention. If you don’t know how to get there, click on the related restaurant below and use the Google Maps provided to navigate!








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