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By Admin on Oct 31, 2016

Kuching NEW Restaurant】Serapi Garden Cafe


Serapi Garden Cafe is a whole new retro styled cafe that’ve given a new life to an old house from the 70’s. Did you know that if you share the "Serapi Garden Cafe" post in the Teaspoon Facebook Fan Page, you can get 1 FREE Cake for EVERY Main course ordered? Now you know! But first, let us introduce you to their foods.


Self planted Fig fresh from their garden and kelulut (stingless bee) honey along with other herbs are the key ingredients in their food which will definitely leave an impact in your memory once you’ve tried them once.


The cafe consists of several sections including an outdoor garden area, a bar that serves desserts and Nyonya Kuih, a Living Hall for you to sit and relax, and, of course, two air conditioned dining area on the first floor which can also be booked for any private gatherings or company meetings.



The cooks travelled to Malacca to learn from pure Nyonya aunties to make Nyonya kuih, the coffee served here are all local coffee, but prepared and presented with a Western twist, the bread is also not any ordinary bread you can find at any bakery in Kuching.


And this brings us to the first dish, Serapi’s Spiced Beef Bone Soup (or Curry Ayam Serapi)



The sifu that made the bread is a pure Hainanese. Using only the most traditional ingredients, the bread can only be perfected with precise control of time and temperature. The results? Pillowy-soft bread, not just soft, but seriously pillowy-soft.


There are plenty of ways to enjoy this marvelous Hainanese Bread, one of which is to dip it into a bowl of Sup Tulang or the Chicken Curry gravy.


One of the most traditional ways to enjoy the fluffy Hainanese bread is to dip it into a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This coffee contains fig, olive, and kelulut honey which provides the coffee with a very special aroma.



Then we are served with the Masak Hitam with Rice and the Curry Chicken with Rice.



Fig is in almost every of the foods, including the Masak Hitam. Instead of using dates, Fig is used to cook this delicious local food that can be found at every Malay household. The Fig allows the dish to be more aromatic and since the beef is braised for a very long time, the beef becomes mushy and absorbed all the best aromas of the gravy.  



The Chicken Curry has a very creamy broth and uses pure Sarawak herbs which area also fresh from the garden.


Both of these dishes comes with a very unique sides, a piece of egg with green coloured sambal? The green colour sambal is actually a Balinese Sambal. When paired together with the Soft Boiled Egg, I dare to say you’ll finish this even if it is a separate dish on its own.


The Mee Jawa is next on the queue.



This bowl of Mee Jawa consist of ingredients fresh from the garden, such as the potatoes and the herbs. It is even topped with a generous amount of crispy deep fried chicken, which is by the way also delicious!


After tasting some of Serapi Garden Cafe’s local food menu, they started serving the Western menu with the Serapi Watermelon & Fig Salad.



The sweetness of the perfectly ripe Watermelon matches very well with the mildly sour Fig. When you take one bite, you will notice that there are not only sweet and sour battling for the attention of your tastebuds, there’s also a hint of saltiness from... Cheese? The salad is more complicated than it looks, they even added Misai Kucing on top of the salad which is also edible, along with other fresh herbs and cheese.


The Australian Grain Fed Burger is next on the menu.



This beef burger is made of homemade burger buns and homemade burger patty. Even the patty is kneaded with the herbs that they planted themselves.


Next is the Sesame Chicken Sandwich.



Despite being called a sandwich, the presentation is more to a toast with topping. Anyway, the ‘sandwich’ is topped with grilled chicken with sesame sauce, a poached egg, and bread crumbs. The same Hainanese Bread is used in this dish.


Then we are served the Spicy Soft Shelled Crab Spaghetti.



The spaghetti is mixed with a corned & fresh beef mixture and then prepared with olio style, which is by lightly sauteeing the spaghetti with garlic and olive oil.


Last, or so we thought at that time, is the Pan Seared Crispy Skin Salmon.



The salmon is served with coriander relish, asparagus, and fried potatoes. Pretty much a salmon that you would expect from a classy cafe.


When we saw the waiters bring up the desserts, we were shocked! There are no more rooms in our stomach! But then, a second dessert-stomach appeared magically as soon as we took a bite of that magnificent Creme Brulee. MY GOODNESS! IT WAS REMARKABLE! We were totally speechless!



Which then, of course, we tried the desserts that they served. The cakes are amazing, but the most amazing desserts of all are the Fig & Kelulut Creme Brulee and the Mango Mousse. These 2 desserts will melt your heart, that I promise you.



By the way, for every purchase of main course you will get ONE FREE CAKE for any one flavour that they have on the day. They will choose a flavour for you! All you need to do is to show that you shared the Serapi Garden Cafe Facebook post in the Teaspoon fan page and that’s it!



If you’re looking for a new place to try, you’ve seriously need to go Serapi Garden Cafe.



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Serapi Garden Cafe
Lot 209, 171A, Lorong 11, Jalan Satok, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak.