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【Kuching New Restaurant】Traditional Boneless Kampung Chicken Rice

By Admin on Nov 12, 2016

【Kuching New Restaurant】Traditional Boneless Kampung Chicken Rice


They are using Kampung Chicken for their chicken rice? My goodness! And this is the first restaurant to do so in Kuching!! This restaurant is located at 4 ½ Mile, called the “Traditional Boneless Kampung Chicken Rice”.


I believe none of you ever had chicken rice which the chicken used is Kampung Chicken? So, what makes it so special? Well, first is that the chicken meat has less fat which means less calories, less cholesterol, not oily, and is more healthy. Second, the flesh is denser but at the same time not very hard. The chickens are carefully chosen and prepared so that the meat is still tender and juicy.


And did you know that Kampung Chicken is 2 times more expensive than the ordinary chicken? But the owner of this place pushed the profit margin lower in order to allow his customers to enjoy the best Chicken Rice at affordable price.


Now, let Teaspoon introduce you some of the delicious foods at Traditional Boneless Kampung Chicken Rice.


1. Kampung Chicken Rice



The chicken used to prepare the chicken rice is pure Kampung Chicken, hence the meat is very aromatic. You must try the sauce made from sesame oil and light soy sauce to go along the chicken because the aroma and fragrance is elevated even more! Other than the chicken, the rice is also no ordinary rice because they are using Thailand fragrant rice to cook.


A small bowl of peanut soup is also served along the chicken rice. The soup based is cooked using the chicken bones for 4 hours minimum before serving. Then there’s also the garlic paste and chilli that they specially made to enhance even further the taste of the chicken.


Despite all the efforts and time spent on preparing this humble chicken rice, it is sold at only 9.50! Can you believe that? With this much work poured into a plate of chicken rice, this is wayyyy too cheap.


2. Herbal Duck Rice



The Herbal Duck is marinated for at least a day before serving to ensure the duck meat fully absorbs all the best nutritions from the herbs. By the way, because of the time it took for the marination process, there is a limited number of Herbal Duck each day.


Served along the Herbal Duck Rice is a herbal soup made of “Tang Kui”, a type of ginseng that is also used to marinate the duck meat.


3. Prawn Paste Toasties


Pieces of toast are spread with prawn paste and then deep fried to produce this delicious and crunchy side dish. The toast is then drizzled with mayonnaise to produce a perfect harmony with the shrimp paste.


4. Crispy Prawn



The Crispy Prawn is made using large prawn that is very satisfying to eat. The crispy skin matched with the tender and juicy prawn in the inside, dipped into the mildly sweet and sour mayonnaise, take a bite, and you’ll be blown sky high~!


5. Crispy Tofu



The Crispy Tofu may have a normal appearance that may not look like much, but once you take a bite, you’ll be stunned by the contrast in the texture between the crispy skin and the softness of the tofu. The smooth tofu just slides around in your mouth while the crispy skin provide a crunchy texture to the tofu sliding in your mouth. If you dipped the tofu into the homemade Thai sauce prepared along the dish, another layer of excitement is added in your mouth. The excitement and burst of flavours is almost like a roller-coaster ride.


6. Stir-Fried Baby Kailan / Long Beans with Sambal



I’m sure most of you don’t strid fry baby kailans with sambal, but to fry it with oyster sauce and garlic to preserve the deliciousness of the kailan itself. But they stir fried the baby kailan with their homemade Sambal, and the result is delicious! The sambal is so perfect that you can almost say it goes well with any kind of vege.



Seriously, I myself is not a fan of long beans, but the long beans taste amazing with the sambal. The long beans is, of course, put in boiling water to soften the vege and then deep fried to produce a plate of marvelous Long Beans with Sambal.


7. Braised Egg & Braised Tofu


If you’re a fan of braised egg and tofu, we also highly recommend that you try the ones here. The tofu and egg is braised to perfection, and by perfection, I mean the whole tofu and egg is very fragrant and delicious. Just be sure to eat them while they’re hot.


8. Century Egg with Sweet Ginger Pickles



A century egg lover such as myself could never let this dish get away from my order. The century itself is what you can expect, but what’s so special about this dish is the sauce and garnish. The ginger, cucumber and chilli garnish produce a sour and spicy mix on the already delicious century egg, make it a very nice appetizer and snack to go along your chicken rice.


9. Acar


Acar is something that the Chinese could not miss every Chinese New Year. But, their acar is not marinated as long as the one that we usually eat during CNY, therefore there is more texture in this Acar. The veges are also slightly bigger in size in comparison. The sour and spicy taste is also very appetizing which makes it another great appetizer and snack to go along your main course.


As for the drinks, we are served the following, which most of them is actually very special. The Red Bean Soup for example is very smooth and refreshing, the Lemonade is made of whole lemons that are freshly blended, and then there’s the 3 Layer Tea Special which is also one of the most ordered drinks here because it is rich in Gula Apong, but not overly sweet.  



If you’re also one of those that have to constantly eat outside, visit Traditional Boneless Kampung Chicken Rice now! Order their healthy Kampung Chicken Rice, their Herbal Duck rice, and some snacks to share and go along you meal!


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