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【Low Price Food in Kuching?】Kuai Lok Corner Restaurant

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【Low Price Food in Kuching?】Kuai Lok Corner Restaurant


The price of petrol and everything else have gone up. Which is why we want to introduce you this NEW place that serves cheap and delicious foods, the Kuai Lok Corner Restaurant.



You can find all your favourite local breakfast such as Kolo Mee and Laksa as well as Western Breakfast here~~! Other than that, they also have RM3 Chicken Rice!


Before we head to the chicken rice, let’s talk about the other local breakfasts. First we have the Kolo Mee.



You will find that the Kolo Mee is very smooth and chewy. The smoothness of the Kolo Mee is actually due to that they are using actual BBQ oil that they used to roast their BBQ foods and then added with some deep fried scallion oil. With this much effort and time spent, this Kolo Mee still only costs you RM3…


In fact, the smoothness could be tasted in all the Noodles including the Seafood Noodle. This is because the same BBQ Oil is used in all the dried noodle dishes to ensure that the customers have the best noodle they ever had. The Seafood Noodle consists of a lot of ingredients including Pork Ball, Fish Ball, some meat, prawns, and squid!



Or you can just order the Seafood Soup which tastes just as amazing with the same amount of ingredients like the Seafood Noodle!



They also have Laksa here at Kuai Lok Corner Restaurant. The laksa is slightly spicy and the texture of the soup is rather thick. But overall this laksa is delicious~~



Other than Kolo Mee and Laksa, you could also find this amazing Western Breakfast stall here. After talking to the stall operator, we found out that this is actually the same stall as the Western Breakfast at Sin Poh Poh, Jalan Padungan.



The main dish that we would like to recommend you from this stall is the Homemade Chicken Sandwich. This amazing sandwich is made of 100% homemade deep fried chicken. Not only that it is not dry, the deep fried chicken is very tender and juicy, hence making it become even more delicious~~ You would definitely think that it would be expensive, but you’re wrong. This amazing sandwich only costs you RM3.50!



Then there’s also the Kaya French Toast.


A layer of egg perfectly coating the exterior surface of the bread with Kaya spread in between 2 pieces of bread makes it a light yet satisfying choice for breakfast. This amazing french toast only costs you RM2.50! How crazy is that?



As mentioned earlier, they are now offering you RM3 Chicken Rice! You can choose from Roasted Chicken Rice and Steamed Chicken Rice, and they both costs you the same, RM3! This RM3 Chicken Rice offer is available from 9am to 2pm! You must be crazy if you don’t try out this crazy cheap chicken rice. The price of everything around us has gone up, where else can you find such delicious and cheap chicken rice?


Not only that their Kolo Mee, Western Breakfast, and Chicken Rice is cheap, even their Economic Fast Food is SUPER ECONOMIC! Take any 3 items and it only costs you RM4! 2 Vege and 1 Meat? RM4! 2 Meat and 1 Vege? Also RM4!!! Not only that it is cheap, the foods in the Fast Food stall will also change everyday, hence you won’t be tired of having the same foods everyday!!


Other than serving cheap and delicious foods, they also have an array of interesting drinks~~ Such as the Tehcinno that is made without using a coffee machine, the Milo Godzilla, the 100% homemade Roselle Juice, and the unique, one and only Huan Xi Huang Jin (Golden) Nai Cha.


These drinks could not be found elsewhere as most of them are the creation from the creativity of the bartender~~!!


What are you waiting for? Visit the place, save money, and enjoy delicious foods!



Kuai Lok Garden is just located diagonally opposite the Crown Square~





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Kuai Lok Corner Restaurant
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