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【Kuching NEW Food Court】Dogan Food Court

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【Kuching NEW Food Court】Dogan Food Court


Looking for a place to satisfy all your cravings? Then you’ve gotta come to Dogan Food Court. They have a wide variety of delicious foods!!


Dogan Food Court is located at Jalan Batu Kawa, Behind Big Mouth Food Centre and is offering you many different genres of delicious food such as Laksa, Chicken Rice, Pizza, Western Breakfast, and many many more!


They will also be offering you a crazy promotion that you must not miss! We will announce the promotion here this Friday, so stay tuned to Teaspoon! Now~ Let’s show you what food that they have at Dogan Food Court~~


First is the Laksa stall with superb laksa. The laksa soup is very thick, almost like a curry, and heavy but does not have a strong coconut milk taste. We also highly recommend you the Special which is very valuable with the amount and type of ingredients added~


You can also find delicious and tender Chicken Feet at the laksa stall which you can have it on its own or even to replace the prawns with the chicken feet in a bowl of laksa.


Craving for chicken rice? No problem! Try out the Salad Chicken Rice that is very generous and has very tender and juicy meat~


At Dogan Food Court, you can also find delicious Pizza!! Just look at the picture below, doesn’t it look really good? Not only that it looks good, it also taste superbly good!


The Fried Dumpling here is really good too! We highly recommend that you order the big portion or it won’t be enough for you. If you’re looking for a little spiciness to go along your meal, they also have the Spicy Soup Dumpling and the Zha Jiang Mian~


And, of course they have Kolo Mee. But the one that we would like to recommend you is the Seafood Mee with generous ingredients at an affordable price~  


Next to the Kolo Mee stall is the Ting’s Almighty Soup. The Ba Zhen (Patin) Soup and the Chao Yi Da Soup is very authentic. Authentic Foochow styled cooking is used to cook these soups, hence the satisfaction is guaranteed!


Then there’s another stall selling Foochow foods such as the Kampua, Kong Pia, Mee Sua, and Cao Cai Bee Hoon.


The Kong Pia is very generous with the delicious fillings~ The minced meat is very fragrant and is quite sweet. The Cao Cai Bee Hoon is slightly sour hence making it the best choice to open up your appetite! The Mee Sua comes with satisfying soup and a piece of chicken drumstick!


If you’re looking for something light to start off your day, you could try out this Porridge~


Other than local delights, you can also find Western Breakfast here at Dogan Food Court. We highly, and really recommend their best seller, Peanut Brick Toast. The peanut butter blends really well with the crispy brick toast, and on top of that, it is very cheap! Therefore you can order a lot of different flavours and you won’t hurt your wallet~


They also have this Special Breakfast set waiting for you~


If you’re looking to satisfy your cravings for lunch, try out this Claypot stall that offers you a choice of 8 different claypot dishes!


Or you could try out the 15 different Stir Fry dishes at the Variety Fried stall.


If you’re more of a rice person, they also have Economic Fast Food stall here offering you homecook dishes~~


Tea Time? Yes! Of course~~~ You can enjoy soft served ice cream and Shaved Ice Desserts too here at Dogan Food Court~~!


During dinner, Dogan Food Court has in store for you delicious Western dishes, BBQ Fish, Satays, and more~!


For the whole January, enjoy all Hot Coffee and Tea drinks for only RM1.00, and all Cold Coffee and Tea (Teh C Peng, Kopi Peng, etc.) for only RM1.50!

That’s not all, you can also buy 4 cans of Tsingtao for only RM10, 4 cans of Tiger at RM13, and 4 cans of Heineken at only RM14!!!


Head over to Dogan Food Court now!! The location of the Food Court is behind Big Mouth Food Centre and behind this row of shops~


For the exact location and operating hours, Tap on the related restaurants below~~

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Dogan Food Court
L2133, SL16, Jalan Batu Kawa, single Storey Food Court, 93250, Kuching, Sarawak