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Kuai Lok Corner! Affordable and Delicious Chinese Food

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Kuai Lok Corner! Affordable and Delicious Chinese Food


It is not easy to find a reasonably priced Chinese restaurant, or is it? Teaspoon would like to recommend this restaurant located diagonally opposite Crown Square, Kuai Lok Corner Restaurant.


The current owner cum Head Chef of this restaurant is the same head chef from Absolute Tribal and Courtyard for the past 6 years. Which is why the quality of the food at this restaurant is definitely guaranteed!


We were served 5 of the signature dishes, the first being the Pineapple Fried Rice.



The fried rice has the just right amount of curry powder taste and has small bite sized pineapple that is loaded with a burst of juicy sweetness. The raisin in this fried rice adds a different sweetness to the rice. Other than the ones stated, the fried rice also contain fresh prawns, squid chunks, and chicken floss! Making it a very satisfying spoonful of fried rice.


Next we have the Butter Prawn which is one of the hot item in the menu. The shells are removed and cooked to perfection, allowing the prawn to still remain chewy and full of flavours! Fresh and perfectly cooked prawns added with the delicious butter sauce, it cannot get any better than this.



Then there’s the Mongolian Pork Chop that is made with a secret sauce brewed from the chef’s many years of experience in cooking. The pork meat is very chewy and the meat is still very juicy. The juicy meat when matched with the sweet sauce will make you finish your bowl of rice instantly! And no one can stop you from licking the plate dry of the sauce.



Stir Fried Kailan? Nope! Deep Fried Kailan! That’s right, the next dish is Kailan, but deep fried. The stalk of the Kailan is stir fried and then topped with crispy deep fried Kailan leaves and chicken floss. The stir fried kailan already taste good, but when you have them with the deep fried leaves, the dish becomes even more delicious!



Finally we have the Tom Yam Seafood soup. The soup contains fish, prawns, oyster mushroom, squid, and tomatoes, and it is very spicy~~! This soup is less sour and more to spicy. The reason the soup is this spicy is because the soup is made using the original recipe from a Thailanese chef. However, despite being this spicy, the soup is still finished by all of us~~!



If you’re looking for an affordable and delicious Chinese restaurant to have dinner with your family, give this restaurant a try~


They are also open for booking everyday, just call 016-933 7799. They are still accepting bookings for Chap Goh Meh, but be quick!


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