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【Kuching New Restaurant】Little Carpenter

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【Kuching New Restaurant】Little Carpenter


Dear Kuching Foodies, there’s a NEW place to hunt for food! It’s a little cafe at Carpenter Street selling your favourite local delights and some other Asian fusion!


This little cafe located along this nostalgic street has an ambient environment that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. The owner of Little Carpenter told us that the place is renovated with an Australian style to bring out the most relaxing environment for the customers…


Other than the efforts put into the details of the cafe’s renovation, the 25 years experienced chef is also handpicked by the owner himself to offer his customers a satisfying dining experience.



First up is the must have, Nasi Lemak Special. Traditional taste of an authentic Nasi Lemak along with the common sides such as homemade Sambal sauce, peanuts, cucumber, and eggs. The ‘Special’ part of this Nasi Lemak Special is that this dish will come with Masak Hitam, Masak Merah, or some other sides that is different everyday~



Next is something different, a curry dish… with salmon. Yep… A Salmon Curry. The tender and juicy salmon fillet with curry sauce matches very well with the rice. What’s more is that there’s also Acar as the sides to open up your appetite!



What happens when the Kuching’s signature, Kolo Mee is presented in a cafe with an experienced chef? Why not bring your friends and find out the answer for yourself? By the way… the chef is a Muslim, hence you can also bring along your Muslim friends along~~ Ajak je~



Finally, there’s the Chicken Tandoori Roti. Traditional roti is wrapped around a well marinated tandoori chicken. The dish also comes with fries to further satisfy your cravings~~



Other than that, you can also find these delicate traditional local kuih in store waiting for you.



Are you looking for an ambient cafe to fill up your tummy? Take your keys and take a short drive to Little Carpenter at Carpenter Street today~~



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Little Carpenter
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