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A NEW Vietnamese Restaurant has Landed in Kuching!

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A NEW Vietnamese Restaurant has Landed in Kuching!


This little vietnamese restaurant, offering it’s customers limited options might just surprise you in more than one way...


Vietnam House is operated by a Chinese, but the staffs are all pure Vietnamese. Among all these staffs, only one of them can speak some Mandarin and English. If the other staffs are waiting for your order, then you might need to point since they can’t understand you at all…


Vietnam House is also very bold when it comes to their limited menu. With only 4 pages of menu, you only have 9 different foods to choose from. Seriously, 9! There’s only 3 option on the menu each page! And the last page are some drinks, in which among them is this RM1 Vietnamese Green Tea (Hot/Cold).



Vietnamese Coffee? They do have them but it’s not on the menu, and they don’t serve it dripped, BUT they still taste superb I’d say. The rich coffee flavour added with the right amount of milk is not overly strong or overly sweet that it will throw you off balance.



On with the food, first we have the Pho Bo (Rice Noodle Soup with Beef) which has very light soup and very rich flavours from the beef! We were told that the soup base is cooked for 3 hours before serving to extract all the flavours from the ingredients used. Before serving, different types and parts of beef is topped on the rice noodle, and is rinsed with the hot soup base. Allowing the different types of meats to remain tender and juicy.



Next on the list is the Hu Tieu Nam Vang (Vietnamese Rice Noodle with Pork and Seafood Recipe). This soup base of this dish is different because there is an extra sweetness flavours coming from the vegetables and onions used to prepare it. The vietnamese rice noodle used in this dish is different from the bihun that we have in terms that it is thicker and more chewy and tangy.



Then we have the Bun Bo (Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodle) that looks viciously spicy due to the redness on top of the soup, but tastes… only, slightly spicy. It is so faint that you can hardly taste any spiciness. Rather than being spicy, the dish is also quite sweet, in the literal way. The appetizing soup and the huge chunks of meat and the different parts of the beef will just leave you speechless except to ask for a second bowl.



Or, you could order the Goi Cuon (Vietnam Spring Rolls) and the Cha Gio (Vietnam Egg Rolls).


The spring rolls is, as I prefer to call it, a densely packed bom of flavours. Dip into the sauce provided, take a bite, and you can feel the many different flavours explode in your mouth! The different ingredients, the pork, prawn, vegetables, rice vermicelli, and some different herbs wrapped in Vietnamese Banh Trang competes to stimulate your taste buds, stunning you right where you are.



The deep fried relative, Cha Gio literally means minced pork sausage. Ground meat, mushroom, and some other ingredients are rolled with rice paper and then deep fried until it is crispy and golden brown.



Overall the meal was more than satisfying, each bite and each mouthful of the foods is like an invitation card to “invite” you back to the restaurant once more.



So, why not drop by this restaurant when you’re free? Better yet, drop by tonight! Do take note that they are OFF every first and fourth Tuesday of the month~~


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