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【Kuching Hidden Gem】Ah Gong Seafood!

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EVERYTHING is expensive? Nope! Not the food served at Ah Gong Seafood. They are so confident that the price of the food is reasonable that they allowed us to upload their menu for you. Not only that it is cheap, the foods are also delicious!


Ah Gong Seafood is a stall located in a kopitiam named “Yes” Cafe at the former Kuching Bus Terminal. The place is very well ventilated with occasional winds blowing through the premise, thus ensuring a windy and comfortable dining experience.




The head chef of Ah Gong Seafood is equipped with 20 years experience working at restaurants and hotels and is now serving many happy customers at this humble seafood stall.


As for the foods, first they are free from MSG because the owner of the place insists on preparing foods with the best original taste and flavours from the ingredients themselves. This is also one of the reason why Ah Gong Seafood despite being opened for nearly 2 months, already have a lot of loyal customers who will be there regularly with their family.


The first dish served is the Golden Crab. The fresh crab is cooked with a secret sauce under strong heat, allowing the sweet crab meat to completely absorb the flavours from the sauce. The sauce is so good that you will lick your fingers clean! Also, instead of preparing little hammers, they will provide you with a metal nutcracker for less hassle when eating. What’s more surprising is that the owner told us that there is another special way the crab can be prepared, which is the Oreo Cheese? We can’t even imagine how the crab will taste like! But, it’s interesting isn’t it?





Then we have the Steamed Fish with Pickled Radish prepared using fresh Fortune (Fu Gui) Fish. The fish is topped with deep fried pickled radish, mashed garlic and ginger. Your nose will be assaulted by the aroma given out by the dish, a bite of the smooth fish meat and your tongue will be bombarded with the taste.





The next seafood on the list is the Gong Bao (Dried Chilli) Clam. The size of the clams are not the typical small ones that you would find elsewhere, but the one that will really satisfy you! The dried chilli and the lemongrass creates the perfect harmony with the clams, presenting you with a combo of the fragrance, the spiciness, and the freshness. You will finish this plate before you even realize it, and your rice might disappear into your tummy along with it too~





Next we have the Claypot Curry Lamb. The lamb are cooked for a while to allow the lamb to soften so that you need less effort when enjoy the lamb. The soft and tender lamb coupled with the slightly spicy curry sauce makes is another satisfying delicious dish.






They also have one of the famous Hakka dish, the Braised Pork with Pickled Vege (Mei Cai Kou Rou). The braised pork is flooded with the salty homemade pickled vege is perfect to go along with rice. If you’re one of those who prefers slightly heavy flavoured food, you will love this dish…





Then there’s also the Signature Tofu which is another delicious dish that you should try. The tofu is homemade, and is presented as a whole block instead of multiple small strips of tofu. The tofu is deep fried until the skin is golden brown and rinsed with the delicious gravy that also goes very well with rice.





As for the vegetables, we were served the Four Star Vegetable which is actually different types of green vege, and is cooked with belacan. This dish can be found at multiple restaurants in Kuching, but the difference is that they are using high quality belacan from Bintulu to bring the dish to another level. But it is a little bit spicy~~





For the soup, we had the Herbal Pork Rib Soup. The soup is cooked for hours with the pork and the different kind of herbs to allow all the flavours pass down from the ingredients themselves into the soup. The soup has a slightly heavy herbal taste at the same time has this rather pleasant sweet taste to it~




Despite the quality and the deliciousness of the food, the price of the foods here at Ah Gong Seafood is very cheap! Take a look at the menu yourself!



Ah Gong Seafood is also responsible to preparing the delicious Economy Fast Food during the day. Averagely each plate will only costs you RM5!



Other than that, they also offer catering services too~


I know how most of you will have a preferred Chinese restaurant, but I dare guarantee you that the foods here are really nice. Why not give it a try?


Operating Hours of Ah Gong Seafood: 4.30pm - 11.00pm

For Reservation, Call: 016-3715561, or 016-8782192








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