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【Kuching New Food Court】66 Young Cafe

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【Kuching New Food Court】66 Young Cafe


For a true foodie, nothing beats being able to try different types of delicious foods in a single place. This place that we introduce you today is exactly that!


This new food court, 66 Young Cafe have a Hainanese Chicken Rice stall with 20 years experience, famous Fish Porridge stall with 17 years experience, Nasi Lemak that made itself a name in the Macau Food Fest, and more! There are absolutely no landmines here at 66 Young cafe~~!



Equipped with many famous and experienced stalls selling delicious foods, 66 Young Cafe boldly opened their food court at Jalan Chan Chin Ann, right next to the famous Chong Choon Cafe.



When we were there few days ago, we noticed how a lot of people is curious about the place, and we from Teaspoon will fill you in on your curiosity!


First up, the Hainan Chicken Rice!



This humble little stall is operated by a superb cook with 20 years of experience in the culinary field. As a result, every single element in the foods prepared is way beyond perfection. The oily and smooth (and shiny looking) chicken skin will make you drool with just the sight of it. The scallion rice is so perfectly executed that every grains of the rice is separated from each other, and I am not being exaggerated with this at all. And the best of all is that this plate of rice only cost RM5! Unbelievable right? But it’s true! It’s delicious and it only cost RM5!!!



The porridge that they have here is not simple as well! The operator of the stall is the same from ‘Lao Li’ kopitiam at Green Road that’ve been serving countless happy customers for the past 17 years.



The most recommended dish from this stall is their Fish Porridge. The operator of the stall uses fresh fish straight from fishing boats to prepare the porridge. The bowl of porridge have a very strong seafood taste and comes along with homemade chilli sambal. The sour and spicy chilli sambal is to go along with the fish fillets to make it more satisfying!



Other than that, they also have Teochew Porridge whereby almost all of the side dish are homemade. For the Teochew Porridge, you can choose between plain porridge or the delicious Sweet Potato porridge. And let’s not forget this Pork Liver Porridge loaded with tons of ingredients!



This Nasi Lemak, as we were told, participated in the 16th Macau Food Festival and made a name for themselves for their delicious nasi lemak. The rice contains very rich coconut flavour and when mixed with their spicy sambal will instantly satisfy you. You can choose from Chicken, Beef, and Lamb. All 3 are equally delicious, but I do personally prefer the lamb more XD.



Next is the all Kuchingites favourite, Laksa. The laksa here the heavier and creamier kind with slightly more spicy taste. The prawns on the Laksa are also very fresh~~ If you’re looking for something more special, try out their Laksa Special with an extra steamed chicken thigh~~ If you're also one of their regular of Manoi's Laksa, youll be happy to know they've moved here! 



Other than laksa, the other all time Kuchingites favourite is of course the Kolo Mee. The Kolo Mee stall here is from Chopstick Garden in Pending and the noodles are so perfectly cooked that they are still tangy and chewy. The noodles are also very well seasoned too, making it a bowl of satisfying and delicious Kolo Mee.



If you’re craving for western breakfast, you will not be disappointed with the one here. This is due to that this stall is the same operator as the Western Breakfast stall at Sin Poh Poh Cafe at Padungan. You can enjoy this rich and nutritious American Breakfast.





Or you can (MUST) try out their signature Homemade Chicken Sandwich. Homemade chicken patty is deep fried until it is golden brown and then clamped between 2 perfectly grilled toast along with a slice of cheese, an egg, mayonnaise sauce, and chilli sauce.



66 Young Cafe may be new, but the foods prepared by the experience operator of each stall will blow your mind and your taste buds. Now that you know how good is their food, all that’s left is that you ajak your friends, families, and loved one to try out the foods there together~ (Or they’ll say Bojio)



Visit 66 Young Cafe NOW~!



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