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RM39 Buffet Lunch at a 5 star Hotel?

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RM39 Buffet Lunch at a 5 star Hotel?


For a 5 star hotel, RM39 for buffet lunch is very affordable, especially if the buffet includes a BBQ station with different kinds of meats, pasta, salad, bread, coffee, and some other dishes. In addition to that is that you’ll get the service you would’ve expect from a 5 star hotel as you dine. How crazy is that?



Therefore, Teaspoon would like to introduce you foodies the buffet lunch at Puzzle restaurant situated inside Pullman Hotel Kuching.



Once you walk into the restaurant, you will be greeted with their highly hospitable staff to lead you to your seats. From there you can start from a Salad Counter where you can find many different types of fresh vegetables and a wide array of salad dressings for you to put together one salad of your own preference.



If you have no idea how to assemble your own salad, you could just turn around and head to the Caesar Salad Counter. The staffs at the counter will then prepare you a delicious plate of salad for you to start your buffet lunch.



After that, you could start from the Main Course Counter where you’ll find delicious baked potatoes, mushroom soup, baked cherry tomatoes, mixed vegetables, garlic rice, and more! Other than that, different dishes will be served at this counter everyday~~



Also, at the main course counter you will find some perfectly baked buns waiting for you to pick them up.



At the Meat Skewer Counter, you are offered different kinds of meats such as beef, lamb, chicken, chicken wings, fish, squid, and hotdogs. More importantly is that these meats will be reheated by the cook so that you can enjoy warm and delicious meats for your lunch!



Opposite the meat skewer counter is different types of sauces where you can choose to go along with your deliciously grilled meats~~



For the Pasta Station, you can choose to have Bolognaise, Arrabiata, and Carbonara Spaghetti where the cook will prepare you freshly cooked pasta on the spot!



To end a wonderful buffet lunch, desserts is a must! Agree?


Which is why they also have a Desserts Counter prepared to serve you delicious cakes and ice cream~ They will have 4 freshly baked cakes of different flavours each day for you to choose from~



For the ice cream, you can choose from many different types of flavours and the best of all is that you can select your own toppings and put them to your hearts content!



This buffet lunch is available to all starting from 12pm to 2.30pm, every Monday to Friday. And, again, this buffet lunch only costs you RM39! RM39 in a 5 star hotel for all the different types of foods that we’ve mentioned above.



Other than their crazy cheap buffet lunch that only costs you RM39, you could also enjoy this Giant Sarawak Laksa for the same price. If you’re thinking RM39 is expensive, calm down and let us list the items in the laksa, after the picture of it below.



Yes, for RM39, you can enjoy a super satisfying Giant Sarawak Laksa that contains 5 different seafoods such as the Bamboo Clams, an enormous Prawn, Mussels, Clams, and Scallops on top of the satisfying Laksa broth that is slightly spicy. The spiciness of the laksa is tuned down so that it can be more acceptable by more customers, but make no mistake, the taste of laksa is still the same creamy and delicious Sarawak Laksa that we all love.



Other than the buffet and the Giant Sarawak Laksa, Puzzle also have tons of other delicious foods and promotions waiting for you~ Which is why Teaspoon strongly urge you that you ajak your kawans and satisfy your Foodie instinct for good food here at Puzzle, Pullman Hotel Kuching.



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